Ametherm unveils Circuit Protection Thermistor

Features Industry-Best Ratings for Resistance, Current, and Energy

Ametherm today released a new UL-approved circuit protection thermistor that helps to conserve power, save space, and lower costs for a wide variety of applications with industry-best hot resistance, current handling, and energy ratings.

The new SL32 0R230 released today is the only UL-approved circuit protection thermistor on the market with a maximum continuous current rating of 30 A and “hot” resistance on the order of just 6 mΩ. This capability minimizes voltage drop to a range of 0.18 V to 0.30 V, which helps to maximize battery life and conserve power in applications such as inverters and motor drives.

Until now, designers typically needed to run two 50 mΩ thermistors in parallel to achieve a comparable level of power efficiency. The SL32 0R230, with 20 mΩ resistance at 50% of maximum current, allows designers to reduce component count while limiting excess circuit board heat, thanks to the device’s low resistance and low I²R power consumption/loss.

A high UL-approved energy rating of 100 J means the SL32 0R230 is ideal for DC applications where a lower level of inrush current is present but its duration is relatively long.

Maximum capacitance for the SL32 0R230 is 6,946 μF at 120 VAC and 1,736 μF at 240 VAC. The device’s dissipation constant is 45.4 mW/°C. The device has a maximum diameter of 31 mm and height profile of 6 mm.

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