AMD’s Latest Update Will Reduce Latency and Screen Tearing

    AMD ReLive latest driver receives a major update. AMD introduces Enhanced Sync (Frame rate synchronization technology) that will replace VSync and it will also improve FreeSync to provide smooth gaming experience on any existing display. The combination of FreeSync and Enhanced Sync will minimize the latency and tearing outside the FreeSync range.

    From some years, There was not any other option than VSync to reduce the screen tearing to the minimum. But AMD introduced FreeSync in response to Nvidia’s G-Sync technology in 2015. Not all displays support FreeSync. FreeSync also has limited operational ranges and also if your frame rate increases and exceeds the limit then you might face tearing.

    But this latest AMD update which includes Enhanced Sync technology can work on any display irrespective of it supporting FreeSync technology.

    Enhanced Sync doesn’t block the frame rate to the display’s refresh rate but it removes the capping from the frame rate to decrease the latency with some decent tearing. Enhanced Sync allows time to time tearing rather allow GPU to reuse the previous frame and also introduces smooth momentary stutter. This update is part of latest AMD Radeon Software Crimson ReLive 17.7.2.

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