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    All new IoT based smart environmental sensors sends data signals through a WAN network

    iRAM’s Environment Monitoring System is designed to address the growing need for monitoring air quality across India. The portable IoT-based solution measures gases like CO, CO2, NO2, O3, SO2 along with Particle Matter, UV and Noise levels through a remotely calibrated sensor. Apart from the pollutants, it also measures various other ambient parameters such as temperature, humidity, surrounding light and rainfall. This portable solution can be fully integrated into the smart pole. The live information can be captured and stored for future analysis by the authorities to create better policies for the environment.

    iRAM’s Environment Monitoring System constitutes multiple sensors that continuously measure and transmit data to the Central Monitoring System (CMS). The sensors send data signals through a WAN network, which are also location marked and time-stamped. All the sensors are extremely durable and weather-proof, making it resistant to ambient conditions. It can be mounted onto any pole on the street or park, such as light poles or traffic light poles.

    The sensors are quick to respond to variable changes in the environment, are highly accurate as well as reliable, with low maintenance, and have a built-in battery backup that can last 24 hours. It automatically connects to the CMS and starts measuring. Each sensor samples the environment at configurable intervals and transmits the data to the controller. The controller then sends the data to the CMS in a secure way through 2G/3G/4G or WiFi or Ethernet. If the controller is not able to transmit data to the CMS due to any sort of communication link error, it stores the data locally and transfers the data after the communication link has been restored.

    iRAM’s Environment Monitoring System comprises a modern system based on IoT and Cloud architecture. The sensor data is always stored in the cloud server, keeping it safe from loss of data. The logged historical information can further be accessed and analyzed, as and when needed.

    Key Benefits:

    iRAM’s Environment Monitoring System has been made keeping in mind the need to sustainably measure and record environmental parameters such as various gases, air pollutants and other ambient aspects as rainfall, humidity, and temperature.

    • Modern Sensor Technology
    • Sensors can be calibrated remotely
    • Smart Monitoring Stations
    • Independent operation even in the event of communication loss with the central server
    • Up to 24hrs of built-in battery backup
    • Remotely monitored and debugged
    • Modern Architecture (based on IoT and Cloud architecture)
    • Mobile app for viewing the data and real-time visualization and analytics
    • Sensors are highly accurate and reliable, with low maintenance.
    • Extremely durable, constructed keeping in mind contrasting weather conditions.

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