Adjustable Arm Dock Fan/Light Combination released, cools working dock environments

    Industrial lighting leader, Larson Electronics LLC, has released a fan/light combination fixture that simultaneously cools and illuminates working dock environments. This adjustable arm unit includes an 18-inch, 1/8 horsepower workstation fan and a 25-watt LED PAR 38 spot/flood light that offers 2,500 lumens.

    The WAL-DL-40-30W-WF.18 from Larson Electronics is a fan/light combination assembly with an adjustable double-arm mount. This multipurpose unit is equipped with one 25-watt LED PAR 38 bulb that provides 2,500 lumens of illumination, with choice of white 6000K, 4300K or 2700K color temperatures, as well as red, green, blue, amber or infrared output. This LED bulb has comparable output to one 150-watt incandescent PAR38 bulb, but with much higher efficiency. The lamp operates on 120-277VAC at 60Hz and is constructed of sturdy corrosion resistant aluminum. It is mounted onto the end of the adjustable arm mount with a bracket that allows the lamp head to be pivoted up and down.

    The high-velocity 18-inch dock fan features 3 operational speeds: 3200, 4200 and 4600 CFM. This 1/8 HP, 2.2-amp fan has 3 blades constructed of aluminum and a 3-prong plug with a 40-inch pull chain for easy operation. The fan is mounted onto an adjustable bracket that allows operators to tilt the fan and rotate it 360 degrees.

    An adjustable double-arm mount allows the fan to swing horizontally 360 degrees as well, making desired light beam and fan flow positioning highly customizable.

    “This light and fan combination is the perfect assembly to add to working docks as a sort of all-in-one unit. Dock environments are often muggy and hot in the warmer months, and many operations run past normal working daylight hours, so having a couple of these light/fan combos around the area helps solve two problems at once”, said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC.

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