AAEON’s UP Squared 6000 Edge Computing Kit

    AAEON continues to innovate and improve with the introduction of their UP Squared 6000 Edge Computing Kit, which offers customers elite, exclusive features in a plug-and-play industrial turnkey solution powered by the Intel Atom x6425RE SoC (formerly Elkhart Lake).

    An upgrade from the UP Squared 6000 Edge, the UP Squared 6000 Edge Computing Kit provides a wealth of additional features while only outgrowing its predecessor’s form factor by 1 centimeter in height. This centimeter houses an integrated carrier board containing a HAT2-compatible 40-pin PSE header, doubling the expansion options available compared to previous iterations of the UP Board series. This is in addition to an already impressive I/O, which features four Gigabit Ethernet ports, two COM ports, three USB 3.2 ports, along with three M.2 sockets to incorporate AI, SSD, 5G, and Wi-Fi5/6 modules.

    The most prominent innovation and unique benefit that the UP Squared 6000 Edge Computing Kit’s carrier board provides to users is the Intel Programmable Services Engine (Intel PSE). This feature, exclusive to AAEON, gives users remote management of their application even when the system is completely powered off via Out-of-Band (OOB) Management. The Intel PSE also provides users with Network Proxy and Embedded Controller Lite functions, which grant comprehensive control over an application’s battery power management and network presence while it is in low power mode.

    The UP Squared 6000 Edge Computing Kit further offers a wealth of integrated software to facilitate seamless development in a plug-and-play kit. Its pre-installed software package includes Ubuntu desktop LTS, Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit, and Intel Media SDK, enabling users to develop enhanced edge AI applications with in-built accelerated imagine processing, AI inferencing, and deep-learning models.

    Such an array of both software and hardware expansion options make the UP Squared 6000 Edge Computing Kit unparalleled among development kits with such a compact form factor in the current market, where features often come at the expense of size limitations. However, AAEON is determined to maintain its ethos of continuous innovation with its UP Edge Computing Kit range, also featuring the UP Xtreme i11 Edge Compute Enabling Kit, powered by the 11th Gen Intel Core processors with Iris Xe graphics, which has already shown exceptional utility for vision-based edge AI applications.

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