AAEON honored with Taiwan Excellence Award for 2020

    AAEON, an industry leading developer of AI and Edge computing solutions, is honored with receiving the 28th Taiwan Excellence Award for 2020. The award recognizes the innovative design of the BOXER-8110AI, a flexible and rugged embedded PC built for powering AI and edge computing. The BOXER-8110AI also won the 2019 COMPUTEX D&I Award earlier this year.

    Now in its 28th year, the Taiwan Excellence Awards recognize companies for their excellence and innovation, seen as a symbol of these values around the world. Products are judged in four categories; R&D, design, quality, and marketing. Only entries which perform well in each category are selected to receive awards. AAEON has received this honor almost every year for the past 20 years.

    The BOXER-8110AI is recognized by the 2020 Taiwan Excellence Award for its innovative design and performance in car license plate recognition applications. Powered by the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 SOC, the BOXER-8110AI offers a low-power, high-performance solution for operating AI inference and edge computing. Along with a rugged fan-less chassis design, the BOXER-8110AI is the perfect solution for applications from smart parking to traffic monitoring.

    As part of the AAEON family of innovative compact AI@Edge platforms, the BOXER-8110AI supports AI frameworks including Tensorflow, Caffe2, and MXNet. Users can also install their own AI inference software, and utilize the expertise and support of AAEON manufacturer and OEM/ODM services.

    Speaking about the award, AAEON CEO Howard Lin said, “It is a great honor that AAEON has once again been recognized for our innovative design, and the level of quality AAEON is committed to providing to our customers.”

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