A Step Towards More Reliability and Speed

    CDN solution provider, ArvanCloud, expanded its infrastructure to seven continents, in 30 countries during the last quarter of 2020.

    ArvanCloud, which had announced developing its CDN infrastructures in India in June 2020, reported that during fall 2020 has launched 10 new PoP-sites in different cities worldwide. ArvanCloud aims to increase the reliability of its services, especially for SMEs.

    Based on the 4th quarter report of ArvanCloud, the company has launched new PoP-sites in Milan, Montreal, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Miami, Stockholm, and Delhi. This development in ArvanCloud’s CDN solutions would increase service speed and decrease global content distribution delay.

    ArvanCloud also reported the latest improvements in its different services. For cloud security and DNS, ArvanCloud introduced a new solution for dynamic caching, a new feature in rate limit, file and picture compression, and acceleration.

    In cloud computing and cloud storage, the company reported improved service stability and cloud storage infrastructure. Meanwhile, ArvanCloud announced that during the last quarter of 2020 has improved its PaaS solution, VoD, and Live Streaming services.

    In November 2020, ArvanCloud ranked 7th in the fastest-growing startups of Germany. ArvanCloud recorded 33% growth in team size, 7% in social media, and 23% in web traffic in November 2020.

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