5G Solutions for Telcos unveiled by Ciena

    US-based telecom networking and software services company Ciena unveiled fifth-generation or 5G Solutions to help telcos scale up their existing LTE-4G networks.

    “Ciena’s 5G Solutions are designed to provide the scale and automation operators need to deliver a superior end-to-end user customer experience in this environment and usher in a new age of mobile connectivity,” the company in a statement said.

    The new offerings, according to it, are open that allows network operators to select best-of-breed products that meet stringent 4G and 5G network performance expectations and adapt to evolving demand.

    Additionally, Ciena’s professional services help operators maximize network infrastructure investment throughout the entire evolution from 4G to 5G, the company added.

    “With expected 5G performance gains ranging from 1,000 times the volume of data to ten times the reduction in latency, operators need to prepare their end-to-end wireline network now,” Steve Alexander, Chief Technology Officer at Ciena said to ET.

    “The move to 5G won’t happen overnight, but it is necessary for operators to prepare for these changes if they want to stay competitive. Picking the right partner will be key to a successful transition to high-performance 5G networks,” Monica Paolini, Principal Analyst, Senza Fili Consulting said.

    With 5G rollouts by telecom service providers are expected around 2020 worldwide, network vendors are heavily banking on newer technology to boost their revenues.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Indian government has formed a high-powered 5G Forum, and has already started a test bed in Chennai to meet global timeline.

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