5G leverages the mobility of the future at 2019 MES Expo

    The future of mobility will be safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly as information exchanged through vehicles and transport infrastructure enables driverless cars, smart traffic control systems and vehicle-to-X communication. As vehicles interact more with their surroundings, however, powerful, wide-area wireless network coverage is required to advance these technologies. This is where the new 5G radiotelephony standard comes in — making it possible to exchange data on highways and rail in real time, which can help drivers find parking spaces or rapidly identify hazards on the road using radio-based communications. Consequently, 5G and vehicle-to-X communication will be important topics at the 2019 MES Expo on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds from 5 to 7 November 2019.

    Among the technology on display at the 2019 MES Expo will also be innovations like MicroSNAP from the Swiss company Rinspeed. MicroSNAP is a small driverless vehicle that can be used for delivery services. Numerous partners and suppliers have shared in the development of the MicroSNAP, including the Harting Technology Group, which will be presenting it.

    The event focuses on multiple modes of transportation, and caters to suppliers of electronics in the mobility sector. Exhibitors from around the world will present their latest innovations, including telecoms infrastructure specialist Nokia. At MES, Nokia will showcase private wireless use cases that can help different industries gain a competitive edge in the 4th industrial revolution. Examples include rail shunting, connected vehicles for automated operations, connected workers, voice communications and more.

    Jochen Apel, Vice President of the Global Transportation Segment, Nokia Enterprise: “Nokia is ready to make Industry 4.0 an era of increased productivity and dramatically improved user experiences. Networks will be critically important for this transformation. As a result, Nokia’s 5G-ready, industrial private wireless solutions are an Industry 4.0 accelerator, meeting critical operational connectivity requirements and enabling safer, more productive industries.”

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