3D Printing Market Outlook and Forecasts 2017 – 2022


3D Printing is a form of additive, distributed manufacturing that provides the ability to create physical objects from digital designs through a layer-by-layer process using various types of raw materials. Applications and services facilitated by 3D Printing include prototyping, printing spare parts, and producing finished goods across many industry verticals including healthcare, electronics, consumer goods, automotive, aerospace, and many more.

3D Printing is transformative beyond the printing industry itself as it is poised to cause a huge shift in manufacturing, especially when coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advancements in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). In next five years, virtually every human will come into touch with 3D printed products. Mind Commerce sees 3D Printing as an essential building block, along with 5G, AI, and IIoT in forming the 4th industrial revolution, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0 (or Industrie 4.0).

This research examines the 3D market from multiple facets including hardware manufacturers, service providers, application providers, software providers, raw material providers, and communities. The report also assesses the market impact and provides forecasts across all verticals globally and regionally for 2017 to 2022. Market analysis and forecasts include the following:

Global and Regional projections
Analysis and forecasts by application type
Analysis and forecasts by industrial vertical
Market segmentation of Industrial vs. Consumer/DIY
Analysis and forecasts for printing methods and materials
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Select Report Findings:
Global 3D Printing market is anticipated to approach $23B USD by 2022
Software and Services will benefit most through 2022 as the industry gears up
The materials industry will see an incrementally positive impact due to 3D Printing
Largest app area by revenue through 2022 will be Prototype Tooling at nearly $5B USD

Report Benefits:
3D Printing Forecasts for 2017 to 2022
Identify challenges and opportunities for 3D Printing
Identify investment trends and leading market players
Identify trends in raw materials for flexible manufacturing
Recognize the market direction and future of the 3D Printing
Understand the 3D Printing Ecosystem including roles of players
Understand the relationship of 3D Printing relative to AI and IIoT

Target Audience:
AI providers
IIoT integrators
3D Printer companies
Software developers
Raw material suppliers
Manufacturing companies
Network service providers
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