25’ LED Light Tower with Diesel Generator Released

    The company that offers industrial lighting products and power distribution systems, Larson Electronics announced the availability of a 25-foot LED light tower powered by a water-cooled diesel generator. The outdoor lighting system is designed for remote work sites, temporary projects, MRO, maintenance, stadiums, concerts, security and more.

    The WCDE-4-20KW-480.3P-4X500LTL-LED-CPR provides compatibility with three-phase 277-480V AC 60Hz for heavy-duty equipment. For illumination, the lighting system consists of four, high-powered LED lamps, which emits over 208,000 lumens of white light. A wide food beam configuration allows coverage for spaces spanning 6 to 7 acres.  The IP67 rated LED lights are made out of aluminum and secured via stainless steel trunnion u-bracket mounts for maximum adjustability. All four LED lamps are mounted on a 4-stage mast, which can reach heights up to 25 feet. At full extension and with all outriggers deployed, the light tower is capable of withstanding wind speeds up to 50 mph. A dual, self-braking winch facilitates raising and mast rotation up to 360 degrees.

    Powering the LED lamps is a 20 kW water-cooled, Stamford PI144D diesel generator. Operators may power three-phase 277-480V AC equipment via five power outputs. Equipped with protective mechanisms, the unit will automatically turn off in the event of the issues concerning the following: water temperature, low coolant, overspeed, overcrank and engine oil pressure. A 25-gallon fuel capacity, providing over 19 hours of continuous illumination, ensures long operational time for extended use and overnight projects.

    All components are mounted on a single-axle trailer for mobility and seamless transportation. Constructed of steel and finished in industrial grade paint, the trailer consists of DOT approved tail, brake, side and directional lights.

    Larson Electronics can customize this unit to cater to specific business needs and projects. Examples of customization includes: lights, cameras, generator size, solar, materials, light tower size, deployment feature, mounting, voltage compatibility and more.

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