21st Century High Power Switching on PCB: Register Now for a Deep-Dive with Experts

    High voltage and high current handling is no longer a domain of industrial processes – domestic wall boxes, charging cables, inverters or solar grid technology are a 21st-century reality that requires groundbreakingly efficient, reliable safe switching technologies.

    Hosted by Vogel Communications / Elektronik Praxis and Panasonic Industry and scheduled on 10th of June as a hybrid live event at the recently opened Panasonic Campus Munich, you are invited to take part in a dedicated expert deep-dive with specialist speakers spotlighting the topic from different and exciting perspectives.

    Hear some of the most progressive leaders talk about the latest insights on design and simulation of high currents, connector solutions and of course latest relay technology for handling high power directly on the PCB.

    Amongst those, for instance, Panagiotis Venardos from Panasonic Industry will focus on commercial and technical deliberations of printed electromechanical relays for nowadays applications, referring to the control and safety of high currents on PCB – rounded off with a high load switching laboratory test to demonstrate new relay technologies for 21st-century applications.

    Don’t miss this expert get-together and intense exchange of the latest know-how on high power switching on the PCB.

    Register for the hybrid symposium now

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