Oracle announces new Gen 2 cloud regions in India

    To support massive customer demand for cloud services in the country, Oracle announced the opening of its Gen 2 Cloud region in Mumbai, with plans to open another region in Hyderabad next year. This aggressive expansion is in line with Oracle’s plans to add 20 new Gen 2 Cloud datacentres globally by the end of 2020. Now, customers and partners in India can harness the power of Oracle Cloud and leading services like Autonomous Database to unlock innovation and drive business growth.

    “Oracle Cloud is fast becoming a growth platform for both public and private sector enterprises worldwide. We’re looking to open one region every 23 days, on an average, over the next 15 months,” said Philippe Mathieu, executive vice president, Oracle EMEA and JAPAC. “These two new cloud regions signify Oracle’s commitment to India, as the country looks to nearly double the size of its economy by 2025.”

    Specifically architected for the most demanding needs of the enterprise, Oracle’s cloud infrastructure is a powerful platform for innovation, including Autonomous Database, AI-based Applications, ML-integrated security, automated analytics, and a broad range of high performance cloud infrastructure services. By coupling the world’s most advanced infrastructure with the best data management portfolio, customers are able to use their data to innovate, create new experiences, deliver differentiation, and understand their businesses better.

    “Our Gen 2 Cloud is the only modern, secure, enterprise-grade cloud that provides customers a strong foundation to unlock innovation faster and drive new business growth. We’ll help customers migrate to Oracle Cloud seamlessly as they look to scale their business for the experience economy,” said Shailender Kumar, regional managing director, Oracle India. “Over 100 customers have already signed up for the new cloud region, signifying the rising adoption of Oracle Cloud in India. We look forward to helping more customers transform into data-driven businesses, to help build India’s digital economy.”

    By providing intelligence at every layer of the cloud, and simplifying cloud adoption, Oracle helps customers improve business performance, drive operational efficiency, turn insights into action and focus on strategic outcomes. Oracle Cloud also offers stronger core-to-edge security including superior customer isolation, customer data protection, protection against internet threats, and highly automated threat detection.

    Additionally, Oracle Cloud Applications will be available to customers in the India datacentre soon. Built on machine learning, Oracle Cloud Applications offer customers the most complete and innovative suite of applications by delivering proven, best-of-breed applications across every business function.

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