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    SanDisk Enhances its Storage Solutions Portfolio for Automotive and Industrial IoT

    SandiskIntroduces Next-Generation SanDisk Automotive Storage Solution and Brings New Smart Features to SanDisk Industrial SD Card

    SanDisk Corporation, a global leader in flash storage solutions, expanded the company’s offerings of robust, intelligent solutions designed to address the vast data generated by connected applications in automotive and industrial markets. The company introduced its latest generation SanDisk Automotive flash storage solution, an automotive grade SD card optimized to meet the unique storage demands of the “connected car”. The new card includes a suite of built-in smart features that enhance reliability and allow original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to better manage their storage in data-intensive automotive environments. SanDisk also announced today that it is bringing these new OEM-optimized features to its SanDisk Industrial and SanDisk Industrial XT SD cards.

    “The ‘Internet of Things’ is the most dynamic force to impact the automotive and industrial markets in a decade, driving exciting new opportunities for connectivity as well as new challenges for how to store, process and manage the data it creates,” said Oded Sagee, senior director of connected solutions at SanDisk. “Our newest SanDisk Automotive and SanDisk Industrial flash storage solutions are ideal for connected applications in these markets, offering exceptional dependability and performance as well as new smart features that enable our OEM customers to better maximize their storage.”

    Trusted Flash Storage for the Fast-Growing Connected Car Market
    Automotive connectivity is growing, with more and more connected vehicles expected to be on the road over the next few years that will require storage. According to Gartner Research, by 2020:

    • the connected cars installed base will be more than nine times larger than that of 2015;
    •  “80 percent of all new vehicle models in mature markets will have data connectivity; 30% of connected-vehicle models will have built-in, function-level, over-the-air software update capabilities;”
    • well over one billion connected automotive subsystems will be shipped.

    SanDisk’s newest AEC-Q100 certified SanDisk Automotive SD card enables OEMs to bring intelligent, reliable and high-capacity data storage to a wide array of advanced, in-vehicle applications and systems, such as 3D and HD navigation and mapping systems, data event recorders, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), telematics and more. The automotive grade SD card is built to meet the intense reliability, quality and temperature demands of the automotive market.

    The new SD card offers a new suite of smart features. These include enhanced power failure protection, a memory health status monitor, OEM customization capabilities, and enhancements for read-intensive applications, such as navigation. With these features, automotive manufacturers can designate and program a SanDisk Automotive SD card for use exclusively with a specific connected application. Manufacturers can also remotely and proactively monitor the easily removable SD card to ensure that it is operating at its ideal performance level or to identify when card upgrades or replacements are needed.

    “Quality and reliability are absolutely critical in the automotive industry. SanDisk’s newest automotive solution with smart features enables our OEM customers to bring exceptional quality, customizable flash storage to a wide range of connected car applications and provides the ability to continue to ensure that the applications performs at their best well after the car drive off the lot,” said Frank Hartwig, chief executive officer of CDA.

    “Cardwave works extensively with automotive customers, offering solutions for the ever-growing needs of the connected car. The automotive grade solutions from SanDisk provide Cardwave customers with innovative, cost-effective and robust flash storage to meet the demands for the next generation of connected car applications and sub-systems,” said Paul Norbury, chief executive officer of Cardwave.
    Optimized Solutions for Connected Industrial Applications

    SanDisk’s new smart features will be available in SanDisk Industrial and SanDisk Industrial XT SD card solutions. These industrial-grade cards are intended for use by OEMs in market segments that demand high endurance and reliability even in extreme temperatures, including factory applications, industrial computing, utilities, medical equipment, robotics, point-of-sale solutions, large-scale printing, and many other applications. The inclusion of the new features enables OEMs to better manage the intensive data demands of a variety of applications in the industrial market, from commercial drones to industrial gateway systems to security cameras and more.


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