ZESTRON unveils latest Defluxing Agent for Power Electronics and PCBs

ZESTRON, global provider of high precision cleaning products, services and training solutions in the electronics manufacturing and semiconductor industries, presents VIGON PE 190A, the latest defluxing agent for Power Electronics and PCBs.

VIGON PE 190A was specifically developed for cleaning Power Electronics in spray-in-air processes. Due to its alkaline formulation, it provides excellent performance when it comes to deoxidizing copper substrates. Even heavy stains and dark rims around chips can be removed completely, leaving the copper surface in an optimal state for subsequent processes such as wire bonding or moulding.

At the same time, VIGON PE 190A has an excellent compatibility with materials commonly used in Power Electronics, such as copper, nickel and aluminum. The cleaning agent is further recommended for PCB defluxing, specifically focusing on cleanliness under low-standoff components.

VIGON PE 190A is a water based MPC cleaning agent, has no flash point and can be applied in all common spray-in-air equipment.

For more information visit www.mectronics.in 

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