World’s lowest profile of 0.4mm DMH Supercapacitor By Murata


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has introduced the DMH Series, the world’s lowest profile 0.4mm supercapacitor. The product is for peak power assist, as required in wearables applications and various other devices. Production starts in February 2017.

Murata supercapacitors are small in size while having world-leading low ESR. By using the capacitor for peak power assist in small electronics, the product contributes to increased output and power stability as well as functional improvement of the device.

The currently launched DMH Series accommodates use in limited space, and it is ideal for use in various wearable devices, mobile electronics, smart cards, electronic paper devices, and similar applications.

 DMH supercapacitor Features:-
  • Low profile design (0.4mm), ideal for the thinnest devices
  • 4.5V is ideal for peak power assist with lithium-ion batteries.
  • 35mF, 300mΩ large capacity and low ESR enables peak power assist in tens of milliseconds, with 1A for example.
Characteristics Example (DMHA14R5V353M4ATA0, nominal capacity 35mF)

Discharge Characteristics

Characteristic DiagramElectrical Properties

Part Number Nominal Capacity


Rated Voltage





Temperature Range

DMHA14R5V353M4ATA0 35 4.5 300 -40℃~85℃


Electrical Dimensions (DMHA14R5V353M4ATA0)

Super capacitor

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