World’s first printed OLED display facility developed for use in automotive displays and high-end monitors

JOLED Inc, developer, manufacturer and seller of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, has developed the world’s first printed OLED display mass-production lines.

These OLED displays will be produced through the pre-process from the array process to the printed OLED process conducted at JOLED Nomi Site and the module process that constitutes the post-process, conducted at the Chiba Site.

After passing the final inspection, the completed display products are being shipped to customers from Chiba. The production capacity at Chiba Site will be approximately 220,000 units of OLED displays per month. Chiba Site is scheduled to start operations in 2020, simultaneously with Nomi Site.

The process is aimed at becoming operational in 2020, with JOLED set to produce medium-sized printed OLED displays for use in areas such as automotive displays and high-end monitors.

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