Working Smarter Rather Than Harder and Longer

Bentley Substation now allows users to further accelerate the completion of their projects through increased engineering productivity and collaboration. Bentley Substation, an integrated software application for intelligent electrical and physical substation design, empowers project teams to design substations substantially faster.

Bentley Substation now enables users to address a wider range of lightning protection requirements. Image Attribution Image courtesy of Bentley Systems.

With these new capabilities, users can:

  • Address a wider range of lightning protection requirements with support for IEC lightning protection levels, custom analysis algorithms, and overhead cables;
  • Accelerate preliminary layouts by inserting 3D components using symbols to identify devices rather than specifying manufacturers’ parts;
  • Design grounding grids faster with automatic grounding rod placement as well as enhanced 3D visualization, reporting, and integration with third-party analysis tools;
  • Slash latency times when using local or remote databases through fewer and faster queries;
  • Increase collaboration by importing models from ProStructures to use load points to define valid equipment connections.

Barry Grib, project manager with Aurecon, said, “Working smarter rather than harder and longer is the key to staying at the top of an increasingly sophisticated and competitive engineering design market. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the use of 3D design technology for electrical substations.” Using Bentley Substation, ProjectWise WorkSite, and Navigator Mobile, Aurecon reduced substation design time by 50 percent compared to traditional 2D design on its Sidwadwa 66/11kV substation in South Africa. Grib added, “Bentley has proven to be the one software partner that can help us to realize our dreams in a visual environment.”

Santanu Das, senior vice president, design modeling, Bentley Systems, said, “Bentley Substation continues to advance the industry’s ability to design Greenfield and brownfield electric substation projects faster, more cost effectively, and with higher quality. The scope and breadth of enhancements in the latest release of Bentley Substation demonstrates our unceasing commitment to enabling ever-higher levels of productivity and collaboration for our users.”

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