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    Which HARTING Connector is Best for your Industry?

    Every organisation that relies on electronic equipment as part of its business operations will have a need for connector technology. However, the specifications and performance requirements of each business will vary from sector to sector, as every industry has its own usage needs and environmental factors that must be taken into account.

    As such, when selecting a connector for industrial use, businesses must not only consider the specialised applications of each product but also ensure they are placing their trust in a brand name that offers a guarantee of quality. Both of these considerations help to explain why HARTING has become one of the most popular and respected names in the business.

    Offering German-engineered build quality and a versatile product selection, HARTING’s portfolio offers tailored connectivity solutions for a variety of industrial applications. This means that whatever your specific needs may be, you will be able to find a HARTING product to suit them.

    Which HARTING product would offer the best performance for your requirements? Here, we will explore the most popular HARTING products for ten of the most common industrial applications.

    Machine Tools: Han 1A

    Han 1A is part of the popular Han range of industrial connectors and is specially designed for machine tooling and facility construction applications, thanks to its miniaturised design.

    Requiring up to 30% less space than the established Han 3A, this product provides users with the benefits of a modern network, thanks to a lightweight yet durable polyamide plastic design, strong transmission capabilities and a versatile modular system of inserts.

    As such, Han 1A is widely used across a range of mechanical engineering applications, including tools and modules used in heating and cooling units, fans, control terminals, lighting systems, drives and vibration conveyors, as well as various railway vehicles applications.

    Food & Beverage Processing and Packaging: Han F+B

    Han F+B is a product made specifically for the food and beverage industry, which is known for its exacting performance and hygiene requirements for electronic equipment and components. Electronics used in food processing, bottling and packaging must be easy to clean to prevent dirt pockets and bacteria from accumulating and prevent the risk of cross-contamination between different zones of food production.

    As such, all hoods, housings and seals used with Han F+B connectors are IP69K rated to fully protect the connectors from the water jets used to clean equipment, meaning that cleaning and disinfecting agents can flow without risk of damaging the system. Additionally, their smooth finish means that impurities and bacteria cannot accumulate.

    These connectors also offer simple, versatile and reliable performance, with a wide functional temperature range and compatibility with all types of industrial power, data and signal applications.

    Logistics & Conveyors: M12 and M23

    Logistics and conveyor applications depend on strong signal integrity in harsh environments, and HARTING’s M12 and M23 connectors are commonly used because they can deliver on these requirements.

    HARTING’s range of field-assembly M12 connectors includes field-wireable cable plugs, ready-to-use patch cables, panel receptacles and corresponding accessories. They are known to be very cost-effective, with a wide range of termination options and strong environmental protection.

    Meanwhile, HARTING’s M23 circular connectors provide compact and robust interfaces for power, signal and data. These connectors are highly versatile and ideal for transport and packaging systems, offering many possible modular combinations of hoods and housings, locking variants and inserts, as well as excellent ingress protection and electromagnetic resistance.

    Robotics: Han DD High-Density Inserts

    HARTING’s Han DD High-Density Inserts deliver on the robotics sector’s need for sensitive, narrow and flexible sensors to perform complex assembly operations. This is made possible by an efficiently miniaturised design, shielded data transmission and a contact count of up to 108 ways.

    The multipurpose Han DD range is known for being versatile and easy to use. The increased contact density of these connectors allows them to make efficient use of space, enabling lower costs, and new modules with higher contact densities are continually under development.

    Mass Transportation: Han HPR

    The HARTING Han HPR range of heavy-duty power connectors and accompanying hoods and housings are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, with die-cast aluminium builds for the highest level of environmental protection and corrosion resistance.

    These are essential qualities for mass transportation applications, which require reliable electronic performance and high-end protection from the elements. Additionally, products are available in various sizes and configurations, ensuring compatibility with different system designs.

    These products have been designed with rail car-to-car or motor connections in mind, focusing on ease of use and ample space built into the hoods and housing, to make installation, connection and disconnection a simple process.

    Renewable Energies: Han-Modular


    Renewable energy applications typically require versatility, ease of installation, robust design and cost-effective performance from their connectors. These qualities have helped the Han-Modular range from HARTING become the market standard for modular connectors in the renewables sector.

    The Han-Modular series consists of inserts designed to meet the needs of specific customers, utilising individually designed modules that can be combined to supply machinery and equipment across different transmission media, including support for signals, data, power and compressed air.

    The modular inserts were developed with industry feedback in mind, and are optimised for simple assembly, despite having millions of potential mating face arrangements. As such, Han-Modular offers a highly flexible and cost-effective solution for renewable energy applications, while still remaining easy to use.

    Electromobility: EV Range


    HARTING’s EV Range includes a number of products and accessories designed specifically to be efficient, easy to use, reliable, robust and well-designed. This allows them to deliver fast charging for private and public vehicle charging facilities.

    The range includes the ergonomic and reliable AC Mode-3 charging cable and various AC solutions for wallboxes and charging stations, as well as a DC fast-charging cable and various PCB, ethernet and industrial connectors for charging station applications.

    HARTING’s EV Range meets a wide range of customer needs and industry certification standards, with flexible product options offering comprehensive infrastructure solutions for energy, signal and data transmission.

    Automation Technology: PushPull V4 Industrial


    HARTING’s PushPull connector system represents a robust, simple connection technology that provides best-in-class performance for automated IoT environments. They are designed to be disconnected and reconnected securely in a matter of seconds, making them ideal for modular and flexible industrial applications that require regular reconfiguration.

    The latest versions of the connector offer enhanced housing materials to protect against aggressive chemicals and other environmental challenges; additionally, the newest PushPull V4 Industrial connectors are equipped with a rotation lock to secure the locking element when inserted.

    Providing reliable and user-friendly performance, these connectors are therefore able to deliver simplified and safe handling, even in demanding environments.

    Energy Distribution & Storage: Han S


    HARTING’s high-performance Han S range plays a key role in facilitating the effective functioning of energy storage modules using lithium-ion cells. This secure connection technology is specially optimised for modular battery storage systems, as well as other applications where safe and secure high-current connections are a priority.

    Han S connectors offer compact and flexible housings to accommodate contacts for currents up to 200A and 1,500V. They are simple to use and connect without tools, while bulkhead housings can be flexibly rotated through 360 degrees, with straightforward locking processes and visual/mechanical coding.

    Additionally, Han S is the first high-current battery connector designed to meet the relevant UL and railway standards for stationary energy storage systems, while also offering high-end shock and vibration proofing to ensure reliable performance in almost any application.

    Industrial IoT: T1 Industrial Single Pair Ethernet (SPE)


    Industrial IoT applications depend on robust and reliable connector technology to make an always-online, always-connected industrial environment possible. HARTING’s T1 Industrial Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) technology has been recognised by the international standards body IEC as the future of SPE connectors for industrial applications.

    The lightweight, straightforward T1 Industrial range allows users to supply both data and power across a single pair of wires, connecting devices through end-to-end IP-based communications. This allows data sharing from cloud systems all the way down to field level, using industry-standard protocols.

    Capable of achieving Gigabit Ethernet speed over long distances and multi-Gigabit speeds in the future, these future-proof connectors are ideal for industrial IoT applications where reliable data transmission is the priority. The technology also offers high shock and vibration resistance, strong environmental protection and long service life.

    Authored Article by: Scott Jones, General Manager, Northern Connectors

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