Vishay Introduces New Analog Switch Product Families Built on Advanced Silicon Process

    New Analog Switch Product Families Built on Advanced Silicon Process That Improves Analog Circuit Performance and Reliability

    Vishay is upgrading several Vishay Siliconix analog switch products to boost device performance and longevity. Replacing aging silicon technology with an advanced process that improves a range of device parameters while ensuring a useful lifetime well into the future, the move signals Vishay’s continuing support for its analog switch and multiplexer product lines, which the company pioneered in the 1960s.

    The new enhanced family of analog switches and multiplexers introduced by Vishay Siliconix is designed on a high-density 18 V process. The process not only offers an upgrade path for customers using Vishay’s current 12 V series products, but also enables Vishay to develop new precision analog products with higher complexity for sensitive analog designs.

    Key improvements to device specifications include an increase of the operating voltage from 12 V to 16 V; lower leakage, reduced parasitic capacitance, and faster switching speeds; and enhanced ruggedness, with higher latch-up current and ESD protection ratings. For example, the new DG9408E and DG9409E — drop-in upgrades for the popular DG9408 and DG9409 — feature 20 % lower switch on-resistance, 10 % faster switching speeds, 35 % lower parasitic capacitance, enhanced latch-up capability to 400 mA, and guaranteed ESD protection to 2.5 kV (human body model).

    Vishay is building the new devices on a mature process platform in an established facility with an eye towards shortening lead times and fully supporting the long life cycles of these analog switch products, which are widely used in such market applications as industrial control and automation systems, audio and video signal routing, instrumentation and test equipment, data acquisition, communication systems, and medical and healthcare systems.

    The 12 V device families being upgraded to enhanced versions are summarized in the table below.

    Old base part number New base part number
    DG408L, DG409L DG408LE, DG409LE
    DG411L, DG412L, DG413L DG411LE, DG412LE, DG413LE
    DG441L, DG442L DG441LE, DG442LE
    DG9424, DG9425, DG9426 DG9424E, DG9425E, DG9426E
    DG4051, DG4052, DG4053, DG9051, DG9052, DG9053, DG9251, DG9252, DG9253 DG4051E, DG4052E, DG4053E
    DG9408, DG9409 DG9408E, DG9409E
    DG9454 DG9454E

    “These new products are the first in a series of innovative analog devices that this new process enables. We’re confident that customers who adopt these new products will see performance improvements in their precision analog circuit designs,” said Roy Shoshani, vice president, power ICs at Vishay. “We know that our customers designing for applications such as industrial, instrumentation, and healthcare require long product life cycles, and this new platform will support that while providing improved performance and ruggedness. In addition, improved manufacturing will result in shorter lead times, making product more readily available.”

    Samples and production quantities of the enhanced analog switch products are available now, with lead times of 10 weeks.


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