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    Vicor to present high-performance modular power conversion solutions for xEVs at WCX 2023

    High-density, scalable, modular power systems solve electrification power conversion challenges

    As the automotive industry rapidly moves toward fully electric vehicles with higher-voltage and higher power requirements, power system design engineers are looking for power conversion solutions that have high density, low weight and are scalable across platforms.

    Vicor will present four papers at the premiere global automotive engineering event, World Congress Experience 2023 (WCX) in Detroit on April 18 – 20, describing innovative approaches to xEV power conversion using its high-density, scalable, modular power system technology.

    The Vicor papers are:

    • Reducing Range Anxiety by Reducing Harness Weight Using Power Modules
      Presented by: Nicolas Richard, Director Automotive Sales and Field Applications, Vicor EMEA
    • Managing High-Voltage Line Ripple Rejection with High-Bandwidth DC-DC converters
      Presented by: Haris Muhedinovic, Automotive Principal Field Applications Engineer, Vicor

    Ranya Badawi, Power Converter Engineer, General Motors
    Contributor: Steve Wybo, Technical Specialist, Power Electronics, General Motors

    • The Transition to 800V Electric Vehicles: Bidirectional Conversion Between 800V and 400V
      Presented by: Matt Jenks, North American Director of Automotive, Vicor
    • Building Redundancy in an Electrical System that Power 400V or 800V Electric Vehicles
      Presented by: Patrick Kowalyk, Automotive Principal Field Applications Engineer, Vicor
    Reduced size and weight are necessary for next generation xEV platforms. Vicor modules provide the highest power density and most efficient power distribution for EVs.
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