Vicor revolutionizes high-performance power conversion seminar and workshop in Pune and Delhi

    Designing high-performance power systems continues to increase in complexity year after year. Deploying a robust design methodology for high-performance power conversion is essential to achieving first-time success and managing the rapidly changing power demands of emerging technologies.

    Vicor, an innovator in high-performance modular power systems, will share expertise in the 2019 High-Performance Power Conversion Seminar and Workshop series that will visit eight countries and 12 cities starting September 17, 2019 in Pune.

    The one-day complimentary seminar will include a keynote presentation and will devote the majority of the day to expert-led interactive workshops, to identify common pitfalls and provide guidance on the path to successful high-performance power system design.

    There will be a complete briefing of new techniques for EMI mitigation, thermal modeling, PCB Layout, DC-DC designs and implementing AC-DC front ends. Real-world applications will be used to illustrate today’s power challenges in the workshops.

    About the Keynote Speaker

    The keynote speaker for the sessions would be Chris R. Swartz, Senior Principal Engineer/Manager, SiP & Advanced Applications, Vicor. Swartz has 35 years’ experience as a Power Electronics Engineer, which includes 10 years with Vicor, 14 years with Emerson Electric, 10 years with Motorola and 1 year with SIMPLIS Technologies. He is a patent holder and a member of IEEE – USA.

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