Vicor Corporation wins the UBM Americas ACE Awards in the ‘Power” Category

Optimized for system loads (CPUs, GPUs, ASICs, and DDR memory) requiring operating voltages at or below 1.8 Volts at load currents up to hundreds of Amperes, Vicor’s 48V Direct-to-POL product families enable system designers to implement datacenter and distributed power solutions featuring high conversion efficiency and low distribution loss in a fraction of the space required by legacy 12V solutions. Incorporating advances in control, power-train and packaging technology, these products comprise non-isolated ZVS Buck-Boost Pre-Regulator modules (PRMs) and isolated Voltage Transformation Modules (VTMs). When configured in a “Factorized Power Architecture,” a PRM receives its input from a 48V distributed bus and delivers a controlled, “factorized” voltage to the input of a VTM. The output voltage of the VTM is the factorized voltage multiplied by a fixed conversion ratio K (e.g. K = 1/40) and the output current of the VTM is 1/K (e.g. 1/K = 40) times the VTM input current. Current multiplication at the POL delivers higher efficiency, density, and bandwidth, all of which are distinguishing attributes of Factorized Power.

“We’re excited to honor this robust group for their dedication to their craft and efforts in bettering the industry for years to come,” said Nina Brown, VP Events, UBM Americas. “The judging panel was given the difficult task of selecting winners from an incredibly talented group of finalists and we’d like to thank all of those participants for their amazing work and also honor their achievements. These awards aim to shine a light on the best in today’s electronics realm and this group is the perfect example of excellence within both an important and complex industry.”A panel of EE Times and EDN editors narrowed down the entries to three finalists in each category, based on the criteria set forth in an online submission form. Winners are determined from among the finalists by a panel of independent judges.

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