Verizon Selects Infineon’s EZ-PD™ PAG1 AC-DC Power Solution For its 45 W USB-C Fast Wall Charger

    Infineon Technologies AG  today announced that its EZ-PD Power Adapter Generation 1 (PAG1) AC-DC power solution is used in the recently launched USB-C Fast Wall Charger from Verizon made by Xentris Wireless. The new Verizon charger powers on-the-go devices swiftly and provides up to 45 W of super-fast charging with compatible devices. The EZ-PD PAG1 is a two-chip AC-DC power solution with integrated USB-PD functionality that enables compact chargers. These powerful chargers work with all USB-C charging cables and charge both state-of-the-art and legacy devices that have USB-C ports.

    “The EZ-PD PAG1 chipset is the ideal choice for a high-performance AC-DC wall charger including secondary rectification and a PD controller,” said David Bailey, CEO of Xentris Wireless. “This all-in-one solution made it possible to significantly reduce the printed circuit board footprint and bill of materials, allowing us to pack more power into a smaller charger, which is ideal for our on-the-go customers who demand fast charge times for their devices.”

    Infineon’s EZ-PD PAG1 family of primary and secondary controllers provides a unique combination of secondary-side control and high levels of integration to enable high-density designs with both gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon (Si) power transistors. These integrated features enable system designers to bring more differentiated chargers to market while reducing their overall bill of materials (BOM) for designs with power levels from 18 to 65 W.

    “We are excited to team with Xentris Wireless on their recently launched USB-C Fast Charger,” said Ajay Srikrishna, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Wired Connectivity Solutions Product Line at Infineon. “We are committed to collaborating closely with customers such as Xentris Wireless to enable them to bring highly differentiated solutions to market while simplifying product design and supply chain management, and the EZ-PD PAG1 chipset does just that.”

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