VB100 Certifies eScan for its robustness in stability

eScan, one of the leading Anti-Virus and Content Security Solution providers, received VB100 certification for itseScan Internet Security Suite(Version 14) for the tests conducted inAugust 2016 by VB100.The VB100 award is designed to test a product’s capabilities to detect all current in-the-wild threats on the platform under test, with no false positives detected and to scan the speed of the product. The test, conducted on Windows 10 platform, assessed the company’s product in fighting Malware that is on an unprecedented rise. eScan showcased robust stability and detection levels in the tests done under various stringent parameters.
On receiving this award, MrGovind RammurthyMD and CEOeScan said, “We are honored to have won the certification and this reinstates our belief in the roadmap we are following to stay ahead of the curve in developing robust security solutions to thwart the rapidly growing cyber threats like Ransomware. Our test labs have been successfully launching new technologies such as PBAE to provide zero day threat solutions. We won this award as eScan uses advanced technologies and is power packed to meet the challenges posed by not only the current generation of malware but also by the next generation ones.”
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