V Bike – This Technology will Change the Fitness Game

    Technology indeed has made our life easier but at the same time lazier too.

    The new V Bike connects bike to a computer and detects fitness progress of the cyclist while they workout. This involves cycling continuously for an hour on the system to calculate the capability of the person for the total exercise. The calculation is then used to adapt a person’s workout. According to the numbers, the software asks a cyclist to pedal at a certain percentage.

    “The technique of pedaling fast for 80 per cent of an hour long workout and pedaling slowly for the other 20 percent, prevents over training and injuries that can easily happen in traditional gyms when people are not keeping track of their movements,” said Jianni Koutsos, Part-owner of V Bike.

    “I think gyms are really good for physiotherapists.” “We are trying to convert all of our members to a different philosophy of training.”

    As results are displayed with others during the group training, so competition gets stiff.

    “You cannot change what you cannot measure. This is all measurable.” “As soon as you get off the bike you get a report of everything from calories used, average heart rate, average cadence, average speed.”

    “Knowing the numbers behind your workout and fitness progress was motivating,” he said.

    But the bike’s price might not be in everyone’s budget. The bike and software costs koutsos and his partner approximately a million dollar for setting up.

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