Ultra-thin RS485 Input Isolated Safety Barrier TD100W-EX-485

td100w-ex-485MORNSUN recently released an ultra-thin RS485 input isolated safety barrier TD100W-EX-485. This safety barrier supplies isolated DC power to the transmitters from security zone to danger zone, converts the RS-485 digital signal of the danger zone into isolated RS-485 or RS-232 digital signal and transmit them to the security zone, while anti-interference capability of industrial production process control system increases to ensure system stability and reliability.

18-36VDC input power is required to run this module. And all the power supply, input and output are mutually isolated, which makes them can provide the isolated 5V, 6V, 8V, 9V and 12V voltages.

The safety barrier is connected with RS-485 communication interface device in Zone 0, Zone 1, Zone 2, II A, II B, II C, and hazardous area of T4-T6.


Ÿ Input, output and power supply is mutually isolated from each other

Ÿ High isolation voltage (2000VAC/60S)

Ÿ High isolation power supply output

Ÿ High baud rate up to 56000bps

Ÿ 12.5mm ultra-thin case

Ÿ Excellent EMC performance

Ÿ High reliability (MTBF >500,000 hours)

Ÿ Exia Ga: EXib