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    Two-wire Loop Powered Supply PWM Signal Conditioning Module

    mo-2TW147HL is a two-wire loop powered PWM signal conditioning module, converting PWM signal into 4-20mA current signal, which have no need for DAC. It is in compact package (SIP9) and offers 2000VAC isolation and excellent temperature drift (≤50PPM/℃ at operating temperature of -40 ℃ to +85 ℃), suitable for two-wire smart field instrument application.

    Obtaining power directly from back-end current loop to supply front-end equips, TW147HL isolates the PWM signal from the front-end equips and converts it into 4-20mA two-wire current signal. Integrated HART signal, the series realize half duplex communication between the field area and control area.

    The series adopt electromagnetic isolation technology and high-performance power feedback, achieving the function of converting PWM signal into isolated standard 4-20mA accurately which matches instruments analog input port such as PLC, DCS, etc.


    Suitable for two-wire smart field instrument application

    Two-wire loop powered

    PWM signal input

    HART compatible

    High linearity (0.1% F.S.)

    Compact size: SIP9 package (26*9.5*12.5mm)

    Extremely low-temperature coefficient: 50ppm/℃ (TYP)

    Operating temperature range: -40℃to +85℃

    ESD protection (bare component ±4KV)

    Isolated power output: 3.3VDC/4mA



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