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    Top 5 Artificial intelligence trends 2019

    Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm. No application, no machine, nothing is created nowadays that doesn’t embrace, what we call technology’s gift to mankind, the Artificial Intelligence. Every year we witness a change in AI trends that set a benchmark for the following year. Nowadays, companies are not only working to incorporate AI into varied forms of technology, but making breakthroughs as far as utilising the same in the fields of Health, Agriculture, Architecture, and Automobiles etc.

    Artificial Intelligence, popularly known by the acronym AI, is the recreation of human intelligence in machines. Through AI, scientists intend to teach machines to think and make decisions the way humans do. With the help of AI, many companies have tried to enhance the user-experience; they have incorporating AI into almost every solution they offer. Not to mention Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon are among the top companies investing heftily in researches that contribute to the development of AI.

    Lets’ have a quick recap on Top AI trends for the year 2019:

    Machine learning

    Also known as ‘Deep Learning’, Machine Learning is an AI application that allows the computer system to automatically improve its functionality by gaining knowledge from experience and then using the same to process complex calculations and functions. Machines will no longer require to be programmed separately for each function. Deep Learning is made possible with the help of data access which machines use to gather information, and in turn enhance their learning ability. Companies are opting for deep learning for their computer systems, to improve their performance, accuracy of results, and to identify potentially harmful risks.

    Since this AI trend enables machines to make prompt decisions, the top areas where companies are using machine learning the most include auto text generation, computer generated vision, and self-driving vehicles.

    Facial recognition

    This is similar to what we have grown up watching in the movies i.e. how facial recognition used to be the prerequisite of an individual’s entry into an otherwise restricted area. The trend has finally picked up its pace this year. In fact, facial recognition is considered as one of the biggest breakthroughs in the AI industry and experts assume this trend would only continue to gain momentum while the technology will become better with the passage of time.

    Facial Recognition works by identifying a human image with the help of digitally formed patterns. We can see a lot of our favourite smartphones incorporating this particular feature as a measure to enhance the phone’s security. If you’re confused as in what ways this trend works, let’s give you an example to help you understand better. Say, every time you upload a photo on Facebook, it instantly recognises your friends’ faces and asks if you would like to tag them into your photo or not. Gone are the days when we had to spend time searching for our friends in our list, just so we could tag them in our photos. Because now, facial recognition does that for you. Another example that fits the utility of facial recognition the best is iPhone X’s digital password feature. All that it requires is your face, and you can unlock your phone in a jiffy!

    Medical and healthcare industries are also trying to incorporate facial recognition into their respective fields. With the help of this technology, scientists are formulating ways to make diagnoses, without having to put a patient through time consuming processes.

    Upgraded privacy policy

    Since everything is seemingly working towards AI integration, websites and applications are upgrading their privacy policy in order to keep users aware of the latest changes that constantly keep pouring in. For example, in the wake of including AI integrated apps, Facebook has sought to ensure its users complete safety of information, while maintaining transparency, and upgraded their privacy policy.

    Cloud computing

    Cloud computing has met with a boost in the past few years and with AI’s integration cloud computing has risen to a remarkably high level of significance. Right now, the top leaders of cloud computing include Alibaba, Google, Amazon Web service, Oracle and Microsoft Azure. Experts assume these top leaders will only come to play more influential roles this year as they continue to expand on the global scale. Also, experts are assuming this year Cloud Computing’s entire business will make a whopping $200 billion, which is 20 per cent more than the industry has previously achieved.

    AI chips

    Another popular trend this year is the AI enabled computer chips. An average CPU does not support the AI model, therefore AI enabled chips are being incorporated separately into CPUs to make them function like an artificially intelligent machine. These AI enabled chips can carry out extremely complex mathematical calculations that allow integration of the aforementioned AI trends, such as facial recognition and machine learning.

    To bring these AI chips to the consumers, top hardware manufacturers like Intel, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, ARM and AMD are working on soon adding them into computer systems, so they can perform typical AI calculations without any hindrance. All these AI chips will come incorporated with speech and facial recognition features. The topmost industries, which will come to rely greatly on these AI enabled chips, are automobile and healthcare, so their machines can provide an ultimate AI experience to users.

    In a nutshell

    Despite having an image as that of an antagonist, Artificial Intelligence is nonetheless a game-changer; one that will continue to contribute to research and development in relation to a number of different industries. Many experts believe there will be a time when AI would become an integral part of our lives and our survival without Artificial Intelligence would seem impossible. Face recognition, deep or machine learning, etc. only mark the beginning of the wonders achievable with the help of AI. All that we grew up watching in movies, all the things that made us wow, can now be accomplished in actuality because of AI’s integration with computers. Wonder what’s it got for us next!

    ELE Times Research Desk
    ELE Times Research Desk
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