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    Top 10 Big Data Companies in India

    In the era of digital transformation, India has emerged as a significant player in the global data analytics landscape. Several Indian companies have not only embraced the power of data but have also made substantial contributions to the field of analytics. Let’s take a closer look at 10 major players shaping the data analytics industry in India.

    1. TATA Consultancy Services (TCS):

    Established in 1968, TCS is a multinational IT services and consulting giant that has firmly positioned itself in the realm of data analytics. With a comprehensive suite of solutions ranging from predictive modelling to machine learning, TCS leverages its extensive domain expertise to provide organizations with invaluable data-driven insights, facilitating informed decision-making.

    2. Infosys:

    Since its inception in 1981, Infosys has been a global leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. The company excels in delivering advanced analytics solutions, particularly in customer, supply chain, and risk analytics. Infosys combines industry knowledge with cutting-edge analytics techniques to deliver tangible business value to its clients.

    3. Wipro:

    With roots dating back to 1945, Wipro is a stalwart in the IT industry. The company offers a comprehensive range of data analytics services, covering everything from data management to predictive analytics and AI-driven insights. Wipro’s analytics solutions play a crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency, improving customer experiences, and fostering innovation across diverse industries.

    4. Accenture:

    A globally recognized professional services company, Accenture, through its Indian arm incorporated in 1991, has embraced information and technology to provide top-notch analytics solutions. From marketing analytics to risk analytics and supply chain analytics, Accenture’s expertise in analytics empowers clients to transform their businesses with data-driven strategies and operational excellence.

    5. Mu Sigma:

    Mu Sigma stands out as a leading analytics and decision sciences company, focusing on solving intricate business problems through data-driven insights. Their end-to-end analytics services encompass data engineering, predictive modelling, and AI-driven decision support. Mu Sigma’s unique approach blends analytics, technology, and domain expertise to deliver actionable insights.

    6. Fractal Analytics:

    Specializing in AI-powered analytics and decision science solutions, Fractal Analytics is a prominent player in the industry. Their services include customer analytics, pricing analytics, and risk analytics. By leveraging advanced analytics algorithms and machine learning techniques, Fractal Analytics delivers personalized recommendations, fostering growth for organizations.

    7. Genpact:

    Genpact, a globally recognized professional services firm, offers analytics solutions to drive digital transformation and business outcomes. Their analytics capabilities span areas such as finance and accounting, supply chain, and customer experience. Genpact’s tailored analytics solutions empower businesses to make data-driven decisions and achieve operational excellence.

    8. EXL Service:

    Founded in 1999, EXL Service is a leading provider of analytics, operations management, and automation solutions. Their expertise in data modelling, text analytics, and machine learning enables businesses to unlock the value of data. EXL Service’s analytics offerings focus on improving efficiency, optimizing processes, and enhancing customer experiences.

    9. Indglobal Digital Pvt Ltd:

    In the digital age, an online presence is crucial for business success. Indglobal, once a pioneer in IT and software consultation and services, has evolved into a leader with a vast client base and numerous renowned brands. Its strengths lie in cutting-edge technology, cost-effective services, and adaptability to change.

    10. Kanerika:

    Kanerika Inc. stands as a versatile data-driven solutions provider, offering services in Business Intelligence, Data Science, Data Analytics, and AI. Specializing in industries such as Logistics Spend Management, Healthcare, Education, Pharma, and Manufacturing, Kanerika provides end-to-end services from concept to implementation.


    India’s journey in the data analytics domain has been nothing short of remarkable. These ten companies exemplify the nation’s prowess in harnessing data for transformative purposes. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, these players are at the forefront, shaping the future of data analytics not only in India but on the global stage. Keep an eye on these trailblazers as they continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of data-driven insights.

    Himanshu Vaibhav
    Himanshu Vaibhav
    Himanshu Vaibhav is a distinguished Technology Journalist associated with and With expertise in researching, writing, and editing, he demonstrates a deep understanding of technology, particularly in the EV industry. His continuous updates on EV, Automotive, and E-mobility industries reflect his commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging trends.

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