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    TI’s DC/DC buck regulators eliminate switch-node ringing in automotive applications

    36-V, 2.1-MHz regulators enable designers to meet tough requirements such as low EMI, high power density and deep drop-out conditions

     Texas Instruments introduced two 36-V, 2.1-MHz synchronous buck regulators that eliminate switch-node ringing to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI), improve power density, and operate in deep drop-out conditions. The 2.5-A LM53625-Q1 and 3.5-A LM53635-Q1 regulators are designed for high-voltage DC/DC step-down applications such as automotive infotainment, high-end cluster, advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and body power-supply systems. Wettable flank packaging enables optical inspection to reduce manufacturing costs. By using these step-down regulators together with TI’s WEBENCH Automotive Design tool, engineers can get their automotive designs to market faster.

    Switch node ringing is inherent in all switch-mode power supplies. By reducing parasitic inductance and capacitance in the LM53625-Q1 and LM53635-Q1 regulators, these power solutions lower noise and EMI emissions by up to 15 dB at the system level, which requires less external EMI filtering, saves printed circuit board (PCB) area and simplifies compliance with CISPR 25 automotive EMI requirements.

    LM53625-Q1 and LM53635-Q1 key features and benefits

    • Wide 3.5-V to 42-V operating range handles start-stop and load-dump conditions for 12-V lead acid automotive batteries.
    • Provides up to 93 percent efficiency at 2.1-MHz operation to support compact and high-temperature conditions in automotive applications.
    • Low 18-uA quiescent current (IQ) in standby extends battery life in “always on” applications.
    • Wettable flank packaging enables post-solder optical inspection.
    • Deep drop-out performance of less than 0.6 V under full load and temperature conditions enables compliance with stringent cold-crank and start-stop conditions, saving system cost and solution size.

    The LM53625-Q1 and LM53635-Q1 join the recently released LM53600-Q1LM53601-Q1LM53602-Q1LM53603-Q1 and LM5140-Q1 buck converters to create a complete family of controllers and regulators designed for automotive systems that draw less than 0.65 A of power to more than 10 A. All of these devices feature greater than 2-MHz switching frequency, low operating IQ and EMI reduction features.

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