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    TI Solving the Power-Management Design Challenges at APEC 2022

    Texas Instruments (TI) will demonstrate at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) how engineers can overcome some of their most pressing power-management design challenges. From March 20 through 24 in booth No. 514, the company will showcase the newest additions to its power-management portfolio and demonstrate system-level solutions for increasing power density; reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI), noise and quiescent current (IQ); and extending reliability. Power experts will also lead 16 industry and technical sessions on these topics at the event in Houston.

    “For decades, TI has been at the forefront of developing new processes, packaging and circuit-design technologies that help power designers achieve higher power density, extend battery life, reduce EMI, preserve power and signal integrity, and maintain reliability in their systems,” said Mark Gary, senior vice president, Analog Power Products. “Our commitment to delivering next-generation power-management solutions is helping engineers achieve new levels of performance, improve energy efficiency and increase reliability in applications ranging from automotive powertrain and body electronics to electric vehicle (EV) charging, solar power and medical equipment.”

    TI is debuting three new products at APEC to help engineers mitigate EMI and noise in their systems:

    • The 36-V, 3-A LMQ66430 and LMQ66430-Q1 buck converters integrate two input bypass capacitors and one boot capacitor, enabling engineers to easily meet Comité International Spécial des Perturbations Radioélectriques (CISPR) 25 Class 5 EMI standards while offering a best-in-class total solution size, industry-leading 1.5-µA quiescent current (IQ) and reduced bill-of-materials costs. To learn more about the benefits of these devices, read the technical article, “Using buck regulators with integrated capacitors to lower EMI and save board space.”
    • The TPS7A94 low-dropout (LDO) linear regulator combines the industry’s lowest noise of 0.46  µVRMS –  at least 42% lower than competing solutions – with a high power-supply rejection ratio, helping designers improve system accuracy and precision in highly sensitive applications such as medical equipment, wireless infrastructure and radar. To learn more, read the technical article, “LDO basics: noise – part 1.” 

    Innovative solutions push power further

    At booth No. 514 and virtually at, TI will demonstrate how its products can help engineers overcome critical power-management design challenges such as:

    • Increasing power density through an 800-V, 11-kW three-level, three-phase, gallium nitride (GaN)-based active neutral-point clamped (ANPC) inverter power stage: This demo is based on a 6.6-kW ANPC inverter reference design and showcases the 600-V LMG3422R030 GaN field effect transistor (FET), which enables a high switching frequency to reduce magnetics size, increase power density, and achieve a 98.5% peak efficiency in EV-charging and solar-power applications.
    • Lowering EMI in automotive and industrial applications while improving filter size: In this demo, the LMQ66430-Q1 low-EMI buck converter reduces EMI in real time by leveraging a proprietary dual random spread-spectrum technique, while also showing how integrated capacitors greatly simplify designs.
    • Enabling safer systems with high-voltage isolation technologies that provide reliable operation: Based on an Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) D safety concept-assessed high-speed traction inverter reference design, this demo leverages TI’s UCC5870-Q1 isolated gate driver and UCC14240-Q1 isolated DC/DC bias supply module to enable high system efficiency with 30 A of peak current, while maintaining system reliability through advanced high-voltage isolation, protection and diagnostics.
    • Extending battery life in EV and hybrid EV powertrain systems: This 7-kW onboard-charger demo features TI’s REF35 ultra-low-IQ voltage reference for precision amplifiers,  LMG3522R030-Q1 automotive GaN FET and TMS320F280039C C2000 real-time microcontroller, to help minimize power consumption and achieve >96% system efficiency.
    • Enhancing the power and signal integrity of low-voltage devices such as voltage-controlled oscillators, analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters and high-end processors: This demo showcases the impact of different stimuli on a power supply that uses the TPS7A94, the industry’s lowest-noise LDO, which can achieve 0.46 µVRMS of noise from 10 Hz to 100 kHz.

    TI power experts present technologies enabling the future

    Throughout APEC, TI experts will share insights into the technologies that are making it possible to enhance system-level performance now and in the future. APEC attendees can explore topics such as achieving low EMI using a dual random spread-spectrum scheme; driving power density higher using 650-V GaN FETs in 800-V power converters; and delivering the most advanced protection and diagnostics with isolated gate drivers for automotive applications.

    For more information, visit;

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