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    THINKLIGHT: Embracing Changes Forum provides an industry platform for the global lighting community

    The final stages of preparation for the 23rd edition of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition are underway as the show opens in less than a month’s time. Held from 9 ‒ 12 June at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, the show serves as an ideal business platform for the lighting and LED industry as more than 2,600 exhibitors convene to showcase the latest products, solutions and services.

    Acknowledging the show’s ongoing development, Ms Lucia Wong, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, commented: “The lighting industry is in a phase of rapid transition and the quest for the next industry innovation continues. To better serve the industry, we have dedicated considerable resources and effort into devising the concurrent event programme at the fair. We aim to position Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition as more than just a business platform, but as an insightful and engaging industry gala featuring specialists from around the world. Our goal is to provide participants with an enlightening journey that hopefully sparks new ideas and shapes industry breakthroughs.”

    Participants invited to “THINK” and “ACT” at the THINKLIGHT: Embracing Changes Forum

    To echo with the show theme, the THINKLIGHT: Embracing Changes Forum will be held alongside the exhibition. The three-day event programme is structured according to four major changes witnessed in the industry while being split into two distinct sections, the THINK and ACT forums. The THINK forum will examine the changes from both conceptual and strategical points of view, while the ACT forum will focus on practical topics that can tackle these changes in the industry and present a range of real-life case studies. The four major changes are outlined in more depth:

    Changes in the concept of lighting

    The lighting industry has embraced the concept of “Internet of Things”. Today, lighting has the potential to go far beyond illumination, it is able to connect and convey meaning. The event programme will go into depth about how the lighting industry can leverage on cross-industry technologies in order to develop smart lighting and link seamlessly with other devices. Some of the key topics and speakers at the forums include:

    • Visible Light Communication (VLC):                                                      
      In recent years there has been ground-breaking worldwide research in VLC, utilising LEDs for lighting and information exchange. Dr Yue Zhang, Assistant Professor, University of Leicester, will present “The Internet of Radio Light (IoRL) in Buildings”. His presentation will demonstrate how an IoRL project can develop a safer, more customisable and intelligent VLC system.
    • Wireless communication protocols:                                            
      Integrating network connectivity and intelligence into LED-based luminaries helps form the backbone of smart buildings and cities and makes the vision of IoT feasible. Currently, lighting manufacturers are faced with a diverse array of options when choosing the communication protocol that could support them. Mr Skip Ashton, VP Software, Silicon Labs, will present “Growth of the IoT – Lighting” where he will examine how lighting manufacturers can protect their development investment when considering connectivity. In addition, representatives from Bluetooth SIG, Zigbee Alliance and Wi-Fi Alliance will present at the forums to showcase their applications.
    • Smart controls and dimming technology:                                                  
      Smooth and flicker-free dimming is a core technology that will be discussed. Recent developments in sensors using Radio Frequency (RF) technology has shown the technology is capable of controlling and adjusting light while still taking advantage of daylight. Ms Lea Li, Specification Manager, LUTRON, will share more about the technology.
    • Indoor Positioning:                                                                                
      Prof Julian Cheng, The University of British Columbia and Prof Maite Brandt-Pearce, University of Virginia will present talks highlighting indoor visible light positioning. Recently, applications have used light as the foundation for tracking and location services in buildings.

    Changes in technology

    LED lamps create form factor innovation and also lay the foundations for the next revolution in the lighting industry – the race for connected and intelligent lighting systems. The transition to an LED future is a crucial step in the industry. The forums will discuss new developments in LED technology such as micro LEDs, full spectrum LEDs and LED optics. Presentations on OLEDs, AMOLEDs and laser diodes will also be covered. Some of the key topics and speakers at the forums include:

    • Micro LEDs:                                                                                  
      According to recent research, the micro LED market is expected to reach USD2.89 billion by 2025. Dr Liu Zhao-jun, Southern University of Science and Technology and Prof Kuo Hao-chung, National Chiao Tung University, will examine this trend in more detail.
    • Artificial light Vs sunlight:                                                               
      Creating light that is comparable to natural light is a sought-after goal for lighting manufacturers. Mr Vincent Wu, Vice President Marketing, Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd will talk about innovations in LED packaging technology, while Mr Yoshihiko Naito, Senior Manager, Nichia Chemical Hong Kong Ltd will present “Ultra-High CRI White LED” and illustrate lighting that offers the closest match to standard illuminants.
    • OLEDs:                                                                                                 
      Many people believe that OLED technology should be applied to display settings, however, recent research has also shown that the improved performance and cost efficiency of OLED lighting has enabled the technology to become commercialised. Mr CF Sung, General Manager, Ultimate Image Cooperation will discuss the merits of OLED panel features from a number of perspectives.
    • Laser lighting technology:                                                                
      Will laser lighting one day replace LEDs? Mr Jurgen Yeh, General Manager, Shanghai Yunquan New Material Ltd will discuss its potential future applications
    • LED integration and miniaturisation:                                                                    
      The increased efficiency of LEDs combined with the trend of LED integration and miniaturisation with electronics presents exciting opportunities for the lighting industry. Mr Mickey Madsen, CEO, Nordic Power Converters will share new ideas on design methodology for power electronics.

    Changes in lighting fixture design 

    While it’s safe to say that the LED revolution has already happened, falling prices and an increasing difficulty to differentiate products are still big concerns. In the lighting fixture design forums, a special focus will be given to the challenges faced in lighting fixture design and also the use of interactive lighting and 3D technology in lighting fixture production. Some of the key topics and speakers at the forums include:

    • Lighting fixtures and design:                                                                      
      The aesthetic value as well as the functional role of lighting design will be examined in greater detail with Prof Hong Lin, The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and Prof Fan Yu, Jiangnan University.
    • Interactive lighting:                                                                                   
      Light is now a medium that creative minds can play with in unexpected ways, from transforming public spaces to assisting people in their daily lives.Mr Alexandre Lemieux, Business Development, Creos Experts-Conseils inc and Mr Louis-Xavier Gagnon-Lebrun, Artistic Co-Director and Designer, Atomic 3, will present “The Art of Bringing Art to the World“, sharing how to use light as the primary tool in a project, to tell stories and spark the imagination.
    • 3D printing technology:                                                                          
      Creating innovative lighting fixture designs may sometimes require new concepts in materials and production methods. Ms Paola Amabile and Mr Alberto Fabbian, Founders, Faberhama, will present the not-to-be-missed presentation “The Combination of Glass Blowing and 3D Printing Technology in the Production of Lighting Fixtures”.

    Changes in the market

    LEDs have provided the lighting community with a new vision and business opportunities. In this final segment of the forum programme, shifts in market focus from general lighting to niche applications will be explored in greater depth. Some of the key topics and speakers at the forums include:

    • Light trends and technology in plant factories:                                                                         
      Urban farming and LED technology adoption is driving unprecedented growth in the horticultural lighting market. Mr Joel Reiner, Grower, AeroFarms, will share his experience of commercial-scale indoor farming that disrupts traditional growing seasons, using IoT solutions and data to drive greater insights and greater yields of crops.
    • UV LEDs:                                                                                     
      Mr Yoshihiko Muramoto, CEO, Nitride Semiconductors Co Ltd, will examine the changing state of UV LEDs ‒ a niche market expected to be worth USD369.58 million by 2020 ‒ from their use in industry to home appliances.

    Commenting on the concurrent event programme at the fair, Ms Wong added: “The lighting industry has changed and evolved into so much more. Born from these changes are new products and design ideas as well as increased connectivity. This has encouraged the lighting community to think ahead and interpret new trends that present lighting in a new dimension. I am confident that participants will discover a wealth of new knowledge from our extensive forum programme.”

    The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition runs concurrently with Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology. Both are a part of Messe Frankfurt’s Light + Building Technology fairs worldwide, headed by the biennial Light + Building event.

    Messe Frankfurt also offers a series of other light and building technology events worldwide, including the Shanghai International Lighting Fair, Thailand Lighting Fair, BIEL Light + Building in Argentina, Light Middle East in the United Arab Emirates, Interlight Moscow powered by Light + Building in Russia as well as Light India, the LED Expo New Delhi, and the LED Expo Mumbai in India.

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