Thermal Electric Fire Link released, ideal for meeting safety codes and building compliance


Larson Electronics, a leading establishment with expertise in industrial lighting products, announced the release of a 120-volt thermal electric fire link safety device for industrial facilities. This reliable fire safety device is compatible with 55-watt electric heaters, ideal for meeting safety codes and building compliance.

The EXP-TL-EFS-120V is an electric fire link that provides operators in industrial environments with fire safety for their 55-watt electric heaters. This compact device is powered on 120 volts at just 0.46 amps and is equipped with a load rating of 1-25 pounds. This resettable electric fire link features a 30-second delay that is applied before release and a 60 second delay before reset.

This thermal electric fire link has a temperature rating of 165°F and is constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel. The device includes a ½” conduit connector and choice of heat, manual or electric operation. An ‘S’ hook facilitates operation and when the hook is not in place the unit is off. The EXP-TL-EFS-120V can be surface or base mounted.

“This electric fire link is a very reliable safety device for electric heaters located in industrial environments,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “Operators can rest assured knowing their heaters are protected from potential fire hazards”, he added.