preLink connection technology now available in Han® 3 A housing

Termination block can be removed in seconds and placed on a different connector

India, February 22, 2016 — preLink is the end-to-end Ethernet connection technology that extends all the way from IT through to the manufacturing level. This fast and easy way to set up networks is now also available as an RJ45 connector face in robust Han 3 A housing.

With its preLink connection technology, HARTING has succeeded in separating the previously fixed connection of cable and connector into two independent, reusable components. On the one hand, there is the preLink termination block with holder for 4- or 8-wire Ethernet cable, which can be assembled with 100% certainty in a single step using designated preLink assembly tool. This termination block fits into a variety of RJ45 or M12 sockets and connectors.

The advantage of the system is that the termination block can be removed in seconds and placed on a different connector. Consequently, cables and connectors can be swapped independently of each other. When placed in the well-known Han 3 A housing, the result is a fully industrial-strength interface between machinery and equipment and the Ethernet network.

pr_505_preLink mit Han 3A HARTING M12 Power offers sufficient power for energy-hungry applications in the field.

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