AI enhances new ways for consumers to interact with devices

    The leading global fabless semiconductor company, MediaTek held a first-of-a-kind partner forum on advancements using artificial intelligence and what intelligent experiences consumers in India can expect on their devices.

    Companies joining the MediaTek forum and leading the AI experience include Facebook, Google and smartphone manufacturers like Realme along with other industry leaders. Together the companies discussed the future of AI, their current platforms and technologies, and how AI can change and enhance ways consumers use and interact with devices.

    AI is quickly becoming a game-changer, advancing at a rapid pace, reshaping technology we use in our homes, workplaces and cities, bringing us new experiences and changing the way we interact. With this vision in in the backdrop, MediaTek showcased AI-enabled technologies like deep-learning facial detection, real-time beautification with novel overlays, object and scene identification, AR/MR acceleration, real-time enhancements and augmentations to photography or video and much more.

    T L Lee, General Manager, Wireless Communication, MediaTek, said: “As the industry leader in developing powerful and efficient system-on-chip products, MediaTek is enabling the future of AI by creating an ecosystem of Edge-AI hardware processors across its product range from smartphones to smart homes, wearables, IoT and connected cars. The future of AI-enhanced devices is dramatic and the potential is yet to be fully realized. We are confident that sophisticated AI applications will keep bringing newer user experiences and change the world of smartphones in India.”

    Facebook India Mobile Partnership Manager Ajay Chhabra explained about Facebook, which is using AI to enhance its users’ experience with the help of cloud and on-device machine learning.

    Vivek Joshi, Head of Android Partner Engineering (India) from Google shared how MediaTek’s NeuroPilot platform gives smartphone developers the environment to leverage AI capabilities of the chip along with Google Android Neural Networks API.

     The partner participants discussed how the rapid evolution of AI-enhanced applications are defining the way devices are being created and used. This shift in demand, as well as the increasing capability of AI technologies, is driving demand for new premium devices – ones with great technology but at affordable prices.

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