The all new Quad Pod Work Area LED Light Tower released

    Larson Electronics, a leader in industrial lighting, has announced the release of their new work area LED light tower with a quadpod mount, ideal for temporary and remote construction or industrial lighting applications.

    The WAL-QP-2X250LTL-LED-100 from Larson Electronics a quadpod-mounted work light for industrial facilities with dual 240-watt LED light heads. Each of these heads contains 24 CREE LEDs, producing 64,800 lumens of light as an entire unit. These LEDs are paired with PMMA high purity optics that create a 24º wide spot beam ideal for concentrated, far-reaching illumination. Additional optic choices are also available with this fixture, so it can be tailored to a variety of specific applications. These LEDs are more durable, have a longer lamp life and lower power consumption, than metal halide units, making them the perfect replacements for 1000-watt metal halide lamps.

    The dual LED light fixtures sit on top of a four legged, quadpod assembly constructed of powder coated aluminum, which is both adjustable and collapsible from 7 to 12 feet. The base includes solid wheels that allow the unit to be tipped back and rolled to a new location by a single operator. The light tower can be removed from the base by releasing a hand knob and sliding the mounting bracket off the center support.

    This allows the assembly to be deployed, stored and transported easily and efficiently. The WAL-QP-2X250LTL-LED-100 work light tower is IP67 rated, and engineered to withstand environmental and operational extremes, including extreme temperature changes. Waterproof and resistant to dust, dirt and humidity, this fixture is rugged and ready for any industrial application.

    “This work area light tower is a powerful lighting solution for temporary or remote tasks in industrial sites,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “The LED assembly itself consists of a multiple LED strip design, that allows for in-the-field serviceability that doesn’t require special tools or equipment,” he added.

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