Understanding High-Precision Resistor Temperature Coefficient of Resistance

What is Temperature Coefficient of Resistance? Temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) is the calculation of a relative change of resistance per degree of temperature change....
5G Technologies

DoT to Set Up Dedicated Test Beds for Developing 5G Technologies

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is planning to set up a 5G test bed in order to encourage indigenous research and development in 5G...
PCB Manufacturers

Top 10 PCB Manufacturers in India

After the government of India decided to hike the Basic Customs Duty on several electronic items and components, the electronic industry of India applauded...
LCR Meter LCR-6000

Feature Rich LCR Meter LCR-6000 Series For Passive Components

GW Instek offers a high precision LCR METER─LCR-6000 series, which, with five models, has a test frequency range extending from 2kHz/20kHz/100kHz/200kHz/300kHz (maximum) and with...

Indian Board Game Makers Brings Real-life effects of JUMANJI, Lord of the Rings

Doptale Interactive is a group of Kochi-based board game lovers who have found their calling in bringing board games to life. Found by a...
Sensor Design

Sensor Design Made Easy With Infineon’s Ready to Go Development Kits

While developer kits have already been available for designing products around magnetic sensors, they were fairly expensive at 500 Euro with the required magnet/sensor...
Products for Brighter Future

Range of Products for Brighter Future of Society

Since 1950, Nichicon has constantly been involved in the development, production and sales of capacitors and circuit products that are essential for many types of...
Energy Efficient Robots

Energy Efficient Robots Technologies Makes Power Optimisation Easy in Manufacturing

From placing bricks in the toilet cistern, to cling film over the windows, there are many ways to save pennies on your energy bill....
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