TE Connectivity’s Grove Boards Now Available to Ship from Mouser

Mouser Electronics, Inc., the New Product Introduction (NPI) leader that empowers innovation, is now stocking Measurement Specialties Grove system development boards from TE Connectivity (TE), a global leader in connectivity and sensors. These small, plug-and-play development boards allow designers to incorporate TE’s environmental sensors with the Seeed Grove prototyping system, which features standardized four-pin connectors with an I²C communication interface. The easy-to-use boards are ideal for creating designs for wearable and miniature devices, health monitoring, fitness, air quality, aerospace, and battery-powered applications.

TE’s Measurement Specialties Grove system development boards are available from Mouser Electronics in five options for sensing a combination of pressure, humidity, and temperature. The HTU21D board includes a fully calibrated humidity and temperature sensor that measures 0 to 100 percent relative humidity (RH) and minus 40 to 125 degrees Celsius (C). The sensor also features selectable resolution, low battery detection, checksum capability, and a low-power standby mode for power-sensitive applications. The MS5637 board is a self-contained pressure and temperature sensor specified for 300 to 1,200 mbar and minus 40 to 85 degrees C. The MS8607 board senses RH (0 to 100 percent) and pressure (300 to 1,200 mbar) and adds temperature sensing in a range of minus 40 to 125 degrees C. The board also features selectable resolution for pressure, humidity, and temperature sensing.

For dedicated temperature sensing, TE offers two Grove system boards. The TSYS01 board provides accuracy down to 0.1 degree in the minus 5 to 50 degrees C range, and 0.5 degrees in the full minus 40 to 125 degrees C range. The TSYS02D board provides accuracy of 0.2 degrees C in the minus 5 to 50 degrees C range, 0.5 degrees in the minus 20 to 100 degrees C range, and 1.0 degree in the full minus 40 to 125 degrees C range. Both the TSYS01 and TSYS02D offer a low-power standby mode for power- sensitive applications.

To learn more visit: www.mouser.com/new/measurement-specialties/measurement-specialties-grove-system-dev-boards

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