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    Surveillance Management Server (SATATYA SAMAS) available from Matrix

    Surveillance Management Server

    Matrix SATATYA SAMAS is a Video Surveillance Management Server specifically designed to meet diverse and complex needs of large enterprises having multiple sites connected to a central location or those having a large, single site. Furthermore, this modular and insightful solution provides the IT manager with real-time information on usage of bandwidth and processor of its servers at central level for hassle free network management. Moreover, integration with other security solutions like Access Control and Fire Alarm for complete control of security makes SATATYA SAMAS a must for large and multi-location enterprises.

    SATATYA SAMAS is designed on five pillars:

    1. Centralized Management and Control
    2. Preventive Safety and Security
    3. Storage Optimization
    4. Bandwidth Optimization
    5. Integration with Peripheral IP System



    Matrix Solution Offered Advantage/Benefits
    • E-map Monitoring
    • Distributed Architecture
    • Multi-display Monitor
    Centralized Control
    • License Plate Recognition
    • Face Detection and People Counting
    • Intrusion & Trip Wire Detection
    Early Detection of Threat
    • Video Pop-up
    • SMS Notification
    • Email with Snapshot/Video
    Instant Notification
    • Redundancy
    • Event base Clip Export
    • Real-time Health Status Monitoring
    Higher Reliability
    • Adaptive Recording
    • Two Level Data Compression
    • Camera-wise Recording Retention
    Up to 50% Savings on Storage Cost
    • Edge Recording
    • Multi-streaming
    • Internet Dongle without Public IP
    Up to  50% Reduction of Bandwidth Cost
    • POS Integration
    • Weighbridge Integration
    • Access Control Integration
    Integrated Solution


    For More Details you can email us at:

    Or you can call us on: 9374474302


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