Superconducting quantum technology R&D labs established at the University of Naples

    SeeQC.EU, in close collaboration with Department of Physics of University of Naples Federico II, has established R&D laboratories at the Monte Sant’ Angelo campus. Work conducted at the facility includes the research, development and commercialization of superconducting quantum technologies.

    The R&D laboratories include an integrated circuit design lab and a cryogenic test lab. The design lab features a full suite of electronic circuit design tools for superconducting integrated circuit design, including PSCAN2, XIC, WR Spice and InductEx. The cryogenic test and evaluation lab is well equipped with helium immersion probes, test and measurement equipment for evaluation of low-noise, high-speed and high-sensitivity superconducting circuits suitable for integration with quantum devices for quantum information processing systems. It features test stations with oscilloscopes, signal generators, network and spectrum analyzers, and low-noise current sources for complete characterization of superconductor integrated circuits.

    SeeQC.EU lab activities are in close collaboration with the work on superconducting quantum systems at the Department of Physics of University of Naples Federico II. In particular, it is coherent with the work being conducted in the laboratory of Prof. Francesco Tafuri, a leading expert in quantum phenomena in superconductors. His lab is equipped with two Oxford Instruments dilution refrigerators.

    “European universities, companies and research teams have invested significant resources in quantum information sciences and technologies during the past several years and our new, R&D labs will play a crucial role in accelerating this research and innovation,” said Oleg Mukhanov, managing director, SeeQC.EU. “The R&D labs provide a path to future breakthrough quantum technologies and innovative products.”

    SeeQC.EU also is focused on the development of superconductor classical circuit components for integration within cryogenic hybrid quantum-classical processing systems. One of the near-term objectives is the development of programmable cryogenic qubit controllers that include superconducting spintronic memory, a relatively new brand of dense, very fast, and energy-efficient memory. SeeQC.EU is working to deliver the performance and scalability needed for the rapidly increasing quantum information processing market.

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