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    STMicroelectronics to Exhibit Industry-Leading Solutions for Smart Mobility, Power & Energy Management, and IoT & 5G at MWC Shanghai 2021

    STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, is exhibiting at MWC Shanghai 2021(23-25 February). Under the theme of “Our technology starts with You,” ST will showcase its industry-leading products and solutions for Smart Mobility, Power & Energy Management, and IoT & 5G.

    Smart Mobility: At MWC Shanghai 2021, ST will highlight its advanced technologies and solutions for car digitalization. A demo wall of GNSS solutions based on ST Teseo-family technologies will showcase how ST is enabling vehicle positioning with centimeter-level accuracy.

    ST will also display Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA) services, which enable firmware downloads and updates for any of the specific electronic control units (ECUs) inside a car. With the number of ECUs in vehicles increasing, sharing diagnostic and operational data from on-board systems and components can help car makers reduce recall expenses, increase product quality and operational efficiency, as well as deliver post-sale vehicle performance and feature enhancements while ensuring cybersecurity is of paramount importance. ST offers a full range of telematics processors, 32-bit microcontrollers and secure elements, ensuring the highest level of security and helping protect vehicles from malicious attacks.

    Power & Energy Management: ST’s demonstrations in this area focus on Power Management and Automation. The Power Management highlights include wireless charging TX-RX reference system solution for applications up to 50W and applies to consumer electronics like smartphones and wearable devices, among others. We will also showcase the MasterGaN1 evaluation board, an advanced power device that integrates a gate driver and two enhancement-mode GaN transistors in a half‑bridge configuration. The MasterGaN1 combination accelerates the development of compact and efficient next-generation chargers and power adapters for consumer and industrial applications up to 400W.

    For Automation, ST is using a live-map representation, based on the AWS dashboard, of an Asset Tracking Solution that integrates the most useful network communication technologies, including LoRA, Sigfox, BLE, and NFC, as well as new ST sensor solutions (LSM6DSOX and LPS22HH). The total solution enables customers to track all of their nodes, showing real-time positions, geo-fencing, path history, and sensor data traces. Other innovative demos include a Lighting Control System via BLE connectivity technology, together with a KNX solution and multi-connection demo based on BlueNRG-LP.

     IoT & 5G:  At the ST booth, visitors can experience a technology demonstration of Augmented Reality smart glasses that use ST’s MEMS micro-mirror and Laser Beam Scanning solution. Developed by ST and its partners, these smart glasses have the advantages of lower power and higher brightness, affording high lens transparency, smaller form factor, lighter weight, and a large eye box.

    At MWC Shanghai, ST is unveiling STPay-Mobile, a platform that simplifies the virtualization of security-critical public-transit ticketing and payment cards on smartphones and wearables. STPay-Mobile helps mobile-device manufacturers leverage the features of ST’s ST54 secure System-on-Chip (SoC) to handle contactless transactions and protect sensitive information, including data and authentication credentials. At the ST booth, visitors can simulate a journey across different cities through this Tap-and-Pay solution.
    To demonstrate its full spectrum of IoT & 5G solutions, ST will also display a Gesture Detection demo based on the VL53L5 multi-point Time-of-Flight sensor, an aftermarket wireless digit reader for Metering applications, a digital power solution with high-resolution Timer-oriented features, an STM32 GUI solution, and ST60 contactless connectivity solution, among other exciting products.

    ST Open Speech Zone

    ST will also deliver useful and informative speeches focusing on Industrial and IoT during the show. These include presentations on:

    • High-power wireless charging in smartphones
    • STPay-Mobile for secure virtual ticketing and payment around the world
    • ST Industrial-grade MEMS sensors for IIoT
    • NFC reader + tag solutions
    • STM32MP1 dual-core microprocessors

    To see all of these demonstrations, please visit ST’s booth (Booth N1.D85) at MWC Shanghai 2021 in Shanghai, China, 23-25 February. You can also visit a pre-event ST virtual demo showroom.

    Further information can be found at

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