STMicroelectronics portrays smart solutions at IOTSHOW.IN 2020

    Reflecting new developments in the IoT (Internet of Things), STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, will display products for Industrial IoT at the 5th edition of the IOTSHOW.IN, in Whitefield, Bengaluru, India, on February 13-15, 2020.

    With a focus on delivering value to customers, ST will feature demos under the theme of ‘If it’s Smart, We are There’ with 4 dedicated zones highlighting applications for Smart Home and City, Smart Industry, and Smart Things.

    The most significant attraction at the ST booth will be latest solutions and customer applications with ST components inside covering Security & Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation, and Power & Energy demos. The ST booth (I 65) will also host an unparalleled opportunity to exhibitors and visitors for networking and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange with the ST Technical & Marketing teams.

    Security & AI demos will focus on AI-powered object classification, AI character recognition, and AI healthcare; STM32WB-based Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE); STM32WL Nucleo and Cloud connectivity.

    Automation demos include a BLE Mesh demo integrating LED bulbs, ST and BlueNRG-tile reference kits for first-hand experience of Home and Office Automation, and dynamic NFC/RFID tags (ST25DV-PWM series) for motor-control and lighting applications.

    Power & Energy demos will highlight the new generation of motor controllers based on ST’s PowerSTEP01, STSPIN220, and STSPIN32F0 in an industrial-drill demo, a USB-C development kit showcasing 40W to 100W solutions that support power delivery from SOURCE to SINK, wireless charging solutions for mobile and handheld devices, a 3kW interleaved Power Factor Controller (PFC) solution based on STNRGPF01, power-management solutions with diagnostic and protection features, and an AC-DC power-conversion solution based on ST’s VIPer26K.

    ST will also showcase its innovative microcontrollers (MCUs) that address connectivity and security challenges (STM32L5, STM32WL) and new offers from ecosystem partners. These include downlighters from Kemsys, a smart switch and an Android app from Miconts, a beacon and a pass-through-module from Atoll, and On-Board Diagnostics (OBD)-port telematics solution from iWave.

    To share its deep understanding of IoT and highlight the Company’s offerings, ST experts will present on End-To-End Security in IoT on February 13 at Aryabhatta hall, KTPO.

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