STMicroelectronics Drives Power-Module Miniaturization with High-Temperature Surface-Mount Silicon Controlled Rectifiers

STMicroelectronics has introduced the industry’s first 800V surface-mount Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR, or thyristor) specified for operation at temperatures up to 150°C without derating, giving freedom to miniaturize power modules for applications that demand high reliability in harsh conditions.

newsimage_11511With its 80A current rating, the new TM8050H-8 SCR, housed in the High-Voltage D3PAK (TO-268-HV), enables mid-power applications in the 1-10kW range to leverage surface-mount assembly efficiencies and reduce PCB and heatsink sizes, lowering system cost. The package has very low junction-to-case thermal resistance of 0.25°C/W, ensuring efficient heat dissipation, and a large pin-to-tab creepage distance of 5.6mm that gives a large safety margin in the presence of high applied voltages. A TO-247 package option is also available.

The TM8050H-8 is the latest addition to ST’s family of SCRs that all bring state-of-the-art device and package technologies to automotive and industrial power control. Spanning current ratings from 12A to 80A, the devices enable designers to create extremely compact and reliable car or motorcycle voltage regulators, induction motor starters, soft starters, industrial heater or cooker controls, Solid-State Relays (SSRs), uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and AC-line conditioners.

With low dynamic resistance (RD) and on-state voltage (VTO) of 5.5 mΩ (TJ = 150°C) and 0.85V respectively, and leakage current of 20µA max (at 800V, Tj = 25°C), the TM8050H-8 ensures extremely high energy efficiency under all operating conditions.

The TM8050H-8 is in production now, priced from $2.20 in TO-247 or $2.50 in High-Voltage D3PAK.

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