Stencil Point’s Wide Range of Products and Service Aiming ‘Make in India’ Drive

A CE/ROHS & ISO compliant company, Stencil Point manufacture, and export a wide range and types of Stencils used in electronic industry for SMD Component mounting

The company carries out stringent quality tests with each product to meet the top rank, industrial standards, efficiency, quality, and accuracy.

These stencils are also designed in any customized sizes along with standard sizes as per client’s need using the high-grade raw material, which is procured from the certified vendors of the industry. These products are widely used in Engineering, LED Lighting, Automobile, and Industrial Applications. 

Stencil Products also manufacture Message Stencil’s, Electroforming Stencil’s, Handy Stencil’ and soon pneumatic stencils.

Message Stencil’s

 Message Stencils are sold in individual numbers and letters and when combined, create many informational, safety, and motivational messages you need to convey. Message Stencils can be used on slightly curved surfaces and interlock for easy combination of characters.

Electroforming Stencil’s

Electroform technology delivers ultimate control over stencil thickness and uniformity, ensuring outstanding paste volume consistency for fine pitch applications. The smooth aperture walls created by these stencils allows for a cleaner release of paste from the aperture.

Handy Stencil’s

Handy Stencil’s are used for manual printing. We provide these kinds of stencils in stainless steel & Mylar (plastic) with MDF. We use the high-grade raw material for our stencil.

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