Stackable 18-V input, 35-A PMBus converter delivers industry’s highest density

TI’s DC/DC buck converter features remote voltage sensing and supports telemetry

Texas Instruments (TI) December 8, 2016, introduced the industry’s highest-density, 18-V input, 35-A synchronous DC/DC buck converter, which offers full differential remote-voltage sensing and PMBus to support telemetry. TI’s TPS546C23 power converter integrates high- and low-side MOSFETs into a small-footprint package that is significantly denser than competitive devices. Designers can stack two converters in parallel to drive loads up to 70 A for processors in space-constrained and power-dense applications in various markets, including wired and wireless communications, enterprise and cloud computing, and data storage systems. For more information, samples and an evaluation module, see

The highly integrated TPS546C23 power converter is 44-percent denser (amperes per square millimeter) than competitive devices. It features 0.5 percent reference-voltage accuracy over temperature and full differential remote-voltage sensing to meet the voltage accuracy requirements of deep sub-micron processors. Current sharing enables the stacking of two converters and high efficiency and excellent thermal performance are delivered via the device’s single-pad, stacked die, quad flat no-lead (QFN) package. Read the blog post, “Stack current with PowerStack packages for higher POL.”

TI also offers the TPS546C20A PMBus converter that supports pin-strapping for both the output voltage and soft-start time. Get more information on TI’s entire portfolio of converters with the PMBus interface.

TPS546C23 key features and benefits

  • Integrated low Rdson power MOSFETs support 35 A of continuous output current.
  • On-chip PMBus interface and non-volatile memory simplify power-supply design and enable customization.
  • Output current, output voltage and internal die temperature telemetry supported via PMBus facilitate active power management. Read the blog post, “PMBus – what is the value anyway?
  • Voltage-control mode with clock frequency synchronization and input feed-forward improves EMI/noise and responds rapidly to input-voltage changes.Frequency synchronization to an external clock eliminates beat noise and reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI).

 TPS546C23 support and tools

Used in conjunction with TI’s WEBENCH online design tools, the TPS546C23 simplifies power conversion and speeds the power-supply design process.

About WEBENCH tools from Texas Instruments

The WEBENCH Designer and Architect component libraries include more than 40,000 components from 120 manufacturers. TI’s distribution partners update price and availability hourly for design optimization and production planning. Offered in eight languages, users can compare complete system designs and make supply-chain decisions in minutes. Start a cost-free design with the TPS546C23 in TI’s WEBENCH design environment.

Availability and pricing

Available now from TI and its authorized distributors, the TPS546C23 is offered in a 40-pin, 5-mm by 7-mm by 1-mm PowerStack QFN package and is priced at US$4.62 in 1,000-unit quantities. Order the TPS546C23 evaluation module.

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