ST NFC/RFID tags with ISO/IEC 14443 Type 4 interface and built-in NDEF message support



The ST25TA series (formerly known as SRTAG series) provides an NFC Forum tag type 4 RF interface with the 128-bit password protection and supports the NFC data exchange format (NDEF). The memory density options, which span from 512 bits to 64 Kbits, combine with NFC use cases such as NFC tag, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth pairing, NFC token, NFC smart poster, NFC business card (Virtual card) makes the ST25TA used in a wide variety of applications, including consumer electronics, computer peripherals, gaming, home appliances, industrial automation, healthcare products and smartphone applications.

ST25TA devices feature the 50pf internal RF tuning capacitor, which allows the user to design the small form factor antenna. Tiny UFDFPN package, with the 200 years data retention and the endurance of 1 million write erase cycle makes these devices ideal for the wearable and IoT applications.

Mr. Amit Sethi, Technical Marketing Manager, MDG Group, STMicroelectronics, India
Mr. Amit Sethi, Technical Marketing Manager, MDG Group, STMicroelectronics, India

A 20-bit counter feature in ST25TA counts the number of interactions between the tag and the NFC reader/smartphone and increments on each read and write events on the NDEF file. In the case of electrical problem, the anti-tearing mechanism ensures the consistency and the increment of the counter.

128-bit password authentication offers a simple protection mechanism for data stored in the tag. This helps the user to lock the NDEF file. A user can also define 2 password each for the read access and the write access and also has the ability to permanently lock the read or write access.

ST25TA support eco-system includes:

  • Datasheet, user manual & application notes
  • NFC Android App
  • Antenna Design Suite
  • PC S/W tools
  • Evaluation boards
  • Schematics, BOM & Gerber

The NFC/RFID tags family offers a simple and cost-effective implementation. ST can provide supporting material for integrating the antenna into your application: application notes, reference designs, antenna computation tools, e-presentations and e-learning. Visit