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    ST meeting the Needs of the Software-Defined Vehicle; Displayed Innovative and Next-Gen EV Solutions at AUTO EV India 2022

    STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, proudly exhibited as a Platinum partner at the inaugural edition of Auto EV India 2022, the premier electric vehicle (EV) Auto and Technology show, in KTPO Bengaluru, 9 – 11 November.

    We at ELE Times had the opportunity to have an exclusive deep dive with ST’s representatives at their customized booth based on theme “Green & Sustainable Mobility” and learnt how ST ‘s E-Vehicles and HV technologies solutions can help car manufacturers make driving safer, greener, and more connected for everyone and meets customers’ requests and offers the highest possible efficiency and reliability.

    Here’s an overview of the demos from Smart Mobility section:

    Interested demos were  as battery management system, traction control, on-board charger and charging infrastructure

    Automotive Traction Control

    • Reference board suitable for 320~420Volt & 50KW continuous power Three- phase PMSM traction application. This solution is based on 32-bit Automotive grade Microcontroller “SPC58NN” which offers software resolver decoder algorithm to minimize external components from board. SiC MOSFET, Gate driver L9502 / STGAP & SBC L9396 make it suitable to achieve Higher efficiency

    Here’s an overview of the demos from Power & Energy section given by Mohammed Zeya WASE , Group Manager – Technical Marketing and Application, Power Discrete and Sub Analog Group – India, STMicroelectronics:

    On Board Charger (OBC),Peripheral, Traction Inverter, DCDC/OBC, Charging Infrastructure Charger, STPOWER ACEPACK™ DRIVE Family

    On Board Charger (OBC)

    • 21 kW SMD modular solution for on-board chargers includes 3 modules of 7 kW each in totem-pole configuration with SiC MOSFETs to reduce component count. Input SCRs are used for in-rush current limiting. Its architecture is composed from two parts: the PFC (Interleaved Totem Pole) and the DC-DC (interleaved FB-LLC).
      • Very high power compact modular SMD design allows up to Level 3 charging
      • High-efficiency Si, SiC MOSFET and Diodes. In-rush current limiting control through SCR
      • Automotive-grade microcontrollers, drivers


      • The  panel shows the complete ACEPACK  DRIVE power modules family consisting of ACEPACK DRIVE, ACEPACK DRIVE DSC (Double Side Cooling) and ACEPACK DRIVE SSC (Single Side Cooling). These packages, with integrated NTC embedding latest SiC power MOSFET as well as IGBT / diode technologies. They are very compact power modules optimized for hybrid and electric vehicle traction applications targeting a power range from 100 to 300 kW with a breakdown voltages up to 1200 V

    Bipin Chandra PANDE, Sr. Technical marketing Manager, Automotive Product Group- ASIA PAC, STMicroelectronics, also participated as an esteemed speaker at the EMobility Vision Conference, the supporting program of Auto EV India. Mr. Pande’s presentation on ‘Greener Mobility’ resonated with ST’s theme for the expo an attracted over 160 EV enthusiasts. Here’s the link to  presentation video –

    Auto EV India 2022 aimed to promote creativity and further research in e-mobility. The show also provided an opportunity for manufacturers to connect, cooperate and demonstrate their products to a highly engaged target audience. A lot of visitors explored the newest products and cutting-edge EV technologies from 150+ leading technology brands and more than 250 exhibitors and other industry specialists from the entire EV value chain converged under one roof.

    ELE Times Bureau
    ELE Times Bureau
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