Solar Energy to Power Kalka-Shimla Railway Stations by March 2018

An UNESCO World Heritage site, the 18 stations of Kalka-Shimla rail network are set to be powered by solar energy by March 2018

In order to promote solar energy in India, the Kalka-Shimla rail track that comprises of 18 stations will be completely solar powered by March 2018.

The 18 railway stations that include Kalka, Taksal, Ghumman, Koti, Sanwara, Dharampur, Kumarhatti, Barog, Solan, Salogra, Kandaghat, Kanoh, Kathleeghat, Shoghi, Taradevi, Jutogh, Summer Hill, and Shimla will be equipped solar panels.

The Ambala division of the Indian Railways has outsourced the project to a privately owned Bikaner based firm.

“A 3-kW plant will be set up at each station to generate power. Besides equipping the stations with solar power, all lights will be replaced with LED ones, reducing power consumption by 50 to 60%,” said Senior Divisional Electrical Engineer (General) of Ambala Division Sunil Kumar to news outlet Tribune.

“About Rs 40 lakh to Rs 45 lakh will be spent on the solar system and LED lights. The cost is expected to be recovered in two-and-a-half years. The solar panels come with a warranty of nearly 25 years and there will a saving of Rs 18 lakh to Rs 20 lakh per annum,” he added.

The Kalka-Shimla rail network was built back in 1898 by the British and is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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