element 14 Stocks New SolaHD SVL Essential DIN Rail Series Power Supplies to It’s Portfolio


Compact power supplies optimise efficiency, minimise disturbances and protect devices from power interruptions

element14 has added the SVL Essential DIN Rail Series Power Supplies from SolaHD, a leading DIN power provider, to their product portfolio. SVL Series power supplies are ideal for high-volume applications in a controlled environment, and the DIN rail mounting feature allows for quicker and easier installation and more flexible designs. Their small footprint offers an excellent alternative to embedded open frame switchers, particularly when space inside an enclosure is at a premium.

The power supplies range from 15 to 480 Watts maximum power in 5V, 12V, 24V and 48V nominal voltage combinations, with dimensions as small as 75mm (H) x 21mm (W) x 89.5mm (D). They can be used for a variety of applications across a wide range of industries, including test and measurement equipment, scanners, instrumentation, ATM machines, printers, semiconductor fabrication equipment and vending machines.

SolaHD’s line of power quality products protects facilities from transients, surges, sags, power interruptions and harmonics. In addition to power supplies, they offer surge protection devices, filters, data/line SPDs, isolation transformers, SDN power supplies, line conditioners, UPS and more to minimise power disturbances and noise across a wide array of applications.

The SVL Essential DIN Rail Series Power Supplies are available from element14 in Asia.

For more information about SolaHD’s power quality solutions, visit http://in.element14.com/solahd.


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